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The MAVSTAR micro-aerial vehicle team recorded impressive results in its latest international campaign.

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Scientia Professor Stuart Wenham has been awarded one of the most distinguished accolades in solar cell research, the William R. Cherry Award.

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Bilbies and bettongs can bring degraded desert landscape back to life, according to new study by UNSW

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UNSW will be positioned as a research leader in the emerging field of sustainable mining following a $1.1 million investment by Mitsubishi Development.

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No matter how you juggle the numbers and fiddle the details, the latest changes to the emissions trading scheme are a disappointing vote for the status quo, write Dr Regina Betz and Dr Iain MacGill.

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Research into the sustainable management of floodplains has netted UNSW doctoral student Celine Steinfeld the inaugural $60,000 Peter Cullen Postgraduate Scholarship.

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The Komodo dragon is deadlier than previously thought, with new research revealing the giant lizards immobilize their prey with a venomous bite before killing their victims.

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The decline of the Hummer sends an ominous economic warning to Australian leaders if they want to rely on relics of the past to grow our economy in the future, writes Dr Ben McNeil.

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Pinpointing new risk factors associated with schizophrenia will be part of the research focus of Australia's first Chair in Schizophrenia Epidemiology and Population Health at UNSW.

Solar cell inventor Professor Stuart Wenham has won the top prize at the 2009 Inventor of the Year awards hosted by New South Innovations.