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The initiative will expand the state’s semiconductor industry and grow its potential as a future export market.


The technical breakthrough, announced at an event at UNSW Sydney today, was published in the journal Nature.

lead researcher michelle simmons

Quantum computing hardware specialists at UNSW have built a quantum processor in silicon to simulate an organic molecule with astounding precision.

The project will make seL4 cyber security technology usable in more complex computer systems.

sad woman sitting alone in a cafe excluded from the group

Humans are programmed on an evolutionary level to fear social rejection, but we can learn to deal with it. 

Common Mist Frog (Litoria rheocola)

Do you have any photos of frogs being bitten by flies? Submit them to our study to help in frog conservation.


Might soft corals withstand marine heatwaves better than their reef-building cousins?

a frog floats near water plants with legs outstretched

Thousands of sick and dead frogs are turning up around Australia. If you see one, let these scientists know.

Sunswift 7 on track

UNSW's latest high-performance solar-powered car, designed and built by students, is now on track for an incredible Guinness World Record attempt.

Flooded street

The collapse of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation would profoundly alter the anatomy of the world’s oceans. New research explores the consequences.