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Along the banks of the Ovens River, part of the Murray-Darling Basin

With the support of the Greens, there’s a chance the ‘Restoring Our Rivers’ Bill will pass. Will it be enough to put the Murray-Darling Basin Plan back on track?

Taylor Swift performing The Eras Tour at Sao Paulo, Brazil.

One fan died and others reported burns at the Swift concert. And we’re going to see similar incidents at future concerns if we don’t start planning for extreme weather.

A glass globe with a green background

A range of UNSW experts will be able to comment on key themes relating to COP28, which will be held in Dubai from 30 November to 12 December. 


Two UNSW experts help develop special cake as part of Meals on Wheels 70th anniversary.

The Open AI logo on two devices

It has been an epic backstabbing scene worthy of the HBO drama Succession.

Cars in a traffic with visible pollution.

A new paper reveals how companies frequently under-report Scope 3 emissions by focusing on insignificant categories. 

Trevor McDougall

Four pioneering UNSW researchers have been honoured with 2023 NSW Premier’s Prizes for Science and Engineering.  

Vials with orange liquid in the lab

A relatively simple mixture of chemicals can produce some of the compounds needed to form RNA, UNSW scientists have shown. 

car speedo

A UNSW road safety expert breaks down the truth about why speedo readings can be different from GPS measurements.

A tractor ploughs a field

Green ammonia has the potential to drastically reduce the carbon footprint needed to produce fertiliser vital for crop-growing.