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Wheelchair accessible bathrooms

Greater focus on inclusive design – including improving Australian Standards – will improve the liveability of the built environment for all people, says a UNSW expert.

Woman sitting on bed looking out window

Authorities across Australia and the UK are sounding the alarm about how data breaches have endangered domestic violence victim-survivors.

Woman hugging elderly man at the Christmas dinner table

With a little forward planning and by keeping things flexible, everyone can enjoy end-of-year celebrations.

bride holds wedding bands

There is a deep and complex history of feminist thought and activism around marriage. 

Viv & Friends

With a view to improving the lives of people living with dementia, UNSW researchers have come up with a world-first: an AI driven companion.

Hybrid meeting

Are the CEOs of the world right in predicting that workers will be back in the office full-time by 2026? Not according to UNSW Sydney researcher Iva Durakovic.

young girl sitting against wall

UNSW-led research recommends significant investment in early intervention measures to prevent child sexual abuse.

9 nurses who are all women stand in a row in their scrubs

Efforts to reduce segregation by gender in Australia’s labour market face persistent resistance, say researchers for the Fair Work Commission.

Two teachers talking inside a classroom

New research shows how collaboration between teachers is linked to greater job satisfaction.

Author Stephanie Ward

Could teenagers get on with older people and vice versa? Turned out, they could. And both flourished.