Social Affairs

A former Australian diplomat has been appointed Director of the Confucius Institute at UNSW.

Healthy cities inside

NSW Health officials have launched a new initiative with UNSW planning experts to investigate how to create healthier cities and suburbs.

AustDay inside

An eminent group of UNSW researchers, alumni and supporters has been recognised in this year's Australia Day honours.

Republic inside(15)

The arrival in Australia of our future king, Prince William, reminds us of our failure to assert our full powers of self-government, writes UNSW Professor George Williams.

Moya inside

Ahead of her first posting as an Australian diplomat, UNSW PhD graduate Moya Collett has won a major national prize for her research on conflict and peacekeeping in West Africa.

Pokies inside

Problem gamblers are being created at a rate of almost one for every new poker machine introduced, new research has found.

Catharine lumby inside

Plans for mandatory internet filtering may see a wide range of material disappear from computer screens, according to research led by a UNSW academic.

Top100 baldry

A social scientist, a solar expert and a man who is changing the not-for-profit sector are UNSW researchers named among the 100 most influential people in Sydney.

Monash scholarship inside

Research into oxygen deprivation at high altitudes and policies to improve economic growth in resource-rich countries will be pursued by two UNSW graduates awarded General Sir John Monash scholarships.


Voicing youth concerns and holding governments to account are among the goals of UNSW's young climate change activists heading to Copenhagen this month.