Social Affairs


To compensate for unmet social needs, people project lifelike qualities onto objects to feel connected. But this doesn’t fully meet people’s needs, so they collect more and more objects.


Vocation and education training plays big role in reducing recidivism rates according to new research. 


Panelists at Gonski Institute for Education forum say latest review sheds new light on early childhood education, diversity and the teaching profession.


True size of the strata and community title sector unveiled for first time thanks to national report.


New research suggests universities and schools need to implement mentoring programs and provide increased language assistance to help refugees get equal educational opportunities.


Mentoring young people at UNSW-led Football United gave Mandela Mathia a sense of community and skills that serve him in his acting career.


From growing up in a Malaysian village with no electricity to becoming one of Australia’s wealthiest people, Maha Sinnathamby learned the art of survival while studying at UNSW.


A student-led engineering project is bringing cleaner drinking water to Sri Lankan communities. By Penny Jones.


The new publication offers unique insights into alternative ways that human rights can be protected.


When reporting of a tragedy raises questions about media conduct, we are left wondering who will be the guardian of information presented in the public interest, writes Shaun Carney.