Winter 2015

How Melissa Knothe Tate is using the ancient art of the weaver's loom to engineer a biomedical revolution

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A new centre at UNSW aims to transform the thinking of every student who steps through its doors. 

New Artistic Chair Paul Stanhope is igniting the spark of invention in this year’s Australia Ensemble program.

This second edition of UNSW magazine for 2015 – the Innovation Issue – gives me the opportunity to talk about how we are claiming this space for ourselves in Australia and the region.

Stephen Hawking has helped launch the UNSW Big Questions Institute, a centre taking on the mysteries of life, the universe and everything.

UNSW's top news stories

UNSW has recognised the success and leadership of its most “exemplary” graduates at the 2015 Alumni Awards.

Fifteen of the University’s top-performing female academics, including two new Scientia Professors, are featured in the latest edition of Research @UNSW.

The man leading Australia’s biggest engineering faculty has grand ambitions for research, students and industry participation.

Four startups with their roots at UNSW illustrate what is possible when the entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged.

Not all innovation is geared toward commercial gain. UNSW magazine looks at three social initiatives making a difference in the world.

A breakfast club of entrepreneur alumni is opening doors to the next generation of innovators.

Her vision is to use nanotechnology to deliver drugs and gene-silencing therapies directly to cancer cells. He is a social scientist with an interest in the social and ethical issues of technological change. 

A new health research centre led by vet-turned-epidemiologist Louisa Jorm is taming the big data beast.

One of the world’s finest legal minds is turning her thoughts to how laws shape democracy. 

The buzz word is resilience, but one educator believes adaptability is what schoolchildren need to thrive. 

Inscribed with the words “Barangaroo Masterplan” and topped with a gilt-bronze model of James Packer’s proposed $2 billion casino, Barangaroo Doppelganger is a political statement on wheels that asks: ‘How did this happen, and how does it implicate us all?

The latest books by UNSW academics.

The School of Public Health and Community Medicine's Football United program officer talks about growing up under an oppressive military regime and why he traded medicine for a career in public health. 

UNSW’s literary, film and design expertise has illuminated Sydney’s winter festival season.