Affordable rental options for low-income households in Sydney need to be drastically improved according to City Futures Research Centre.

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Reporting of recent studies may have caused alarm that brain injuries cause dementia. It just increases your risk.

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As US President Donald Trump steers his military into space, UNSW Canberra is leading an international project to define how military law will be applied beyond Earth.


John Roberts

John Little, widely regarded as the father of marketing science, congratulates UNSW Professor John Roberts (left) on his Buck Weaver Award

Professor John Roberts receives annual Buck Weaver Award from INFORMS Society for Marketing Science for his lifetime achievements.


Professor of Practice Richard Hopkins Photo: UNSW

Richard Hopkins, former Head of Operations for the world champion Red Bull Racing Formula One Team, has joined UNSW Engineering as an industry mentor to the student-led Sunswift solar car and Redback SAE racing teams.

Issue 1 2018


Allegations of serious misconduct against Australia's special forces should be handled with greater consideration for the reputation of soldiers who have done no wrong, writes Deane-Peter Baker.


UNSW student Tim Brand (far right) made his senior international hockey debut for Australia at the weekend.

Tim Brand sits Business School exams abroad and then scores a goal for Australia's Kookaburras in just his second game at senior level.


Nikki Haley, USA's Ambassador to the UN

USA's criticism of, and withdrawal from, the UN Human Rights Council does nothing to address the problem of human rights abusers being able to influence the organisation.

Research in engineering, environmental science, psychology and built environment are among projects selected for ARC Linkage Grants.


Reconstruction of the peculiar, short-faced niata cow. Illustrations by Jorge González, La Plata, Argentina

Scientists have used the latest genetic and anatomical techniques to study the remains of a cow with a short face like a bulldog that fascinated Charles Darwin when he first saw it in Argentina 180 years ago.


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New research shows how the brain can respond to changes in body temperature and affect how much we want to eat.


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China's espionage capability is now so extensive it's hard to imagine its limits - and Western companies and governments are becoming more willing participants, writes Greg Austin.

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The combination of higher-density living and increasing cultural diversity means we need to think about how to build social cohesion and make the most of the opportunities of apartment living.