UNSW researchers have been awarded more than $25 million in the latest NHMRC grants. Photo: Shutterstock

31 UNSW projects and fellowships funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council have received more than $25 million in the latest round of federal government funding.


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Point-of-care tests to detect and treat key infectious diseases will be expanded in 300 health centres in four countries thanks to a new program led by UNSW. 


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The succession of data access legislation in the Australian parliament is fast becoming a Mad Hatter's tea party. We need better oversight, and fast, writes Greg Austin.


On the right track? The project tracks data including the purpose of cycling on the Greenway, from commuter trips to recreation.

The UNSW City Futures Research Centre project presents important data on how the community is taking to a major piece of expanding infrastructure.

Reserve Bank

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The new RBA monetary statement is just like the old one — but there are some things that are changing significantly, writes Richard Holden.


The National Energy Guarantee could be improved with more ambitious emission goals, but it offers the nation's energy ministers the chance to put some reliability in the system.

Issue 1 2018


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Changes announced to superannuation insurance are just the start of what's needed, says UNSW Senior Lecturer Gordon Mackenzie.


About one in 30 pregnant women have pre-eclampsia. Photo: Shutterstock

Pre-eclampsia can be dangerous for expectant mothers, but there are ways to monitor and minimise the risks.

uni students

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Bryan Caplan’s new book The Case Against Education argues we should invest less in education, writes Merlin Crossley.


Undergraduate UNSW students from Shalom College. Photo: Nadine Saacks

New scholarships funded by Western NSW Local Health District will help Indigenous students study medicine at UNSW and then return to the west of the state for internships. 

Newly appointed UNSW Sydney Professor of Chemical Engineering Dr Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh is exploring the untapped potential of liquid metals.