A study of thousands of premature babies has found that parents who spend long periods in hospital caring for their infant experience less stress and that babies show faster weight gain.


A young Kira, a German shepherd free of hip disease. Photo: Hip2Fit

After winning an international competition to have the DNA of a dingo called Sandy sequenced, UNSW scientists have set their sights on sequencing the genome of a German shepherd called Kira.

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Dr Anthony Billingsley is available for expert comment on the attacks on the rebel held area of Ghouta in Syria

Dr Anthony Billingsley

9385 3619 or 0407 250 308

Australia's High Court heard a high number of constitutional cases in 2017. Photo: Shutterstock

An examination of the first year of decisions by the Kiefel High Court suggests that the Chief Justice's preference for collaborative decision-making is largely being met in practice.


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Despite rates of spinal fusion being on the rise for chronic back pain sufferers, current evidence doesn't support its effectiveness, write Gustavo Machado, Christine Lin and Ian Harris.


Demand for homelessness services across the board in NSW is growing. Photo: Shutterstock

Homeless people are over-represented in Australia’s prisons, and previously incarcerated people are over-represented among the homeless, writes Sophie Russell.

UNSW Canberra has launched a new Defence Research Institute to deliver world-class research to enhance Australia's security.

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This Sitka Spruce on Campbell Island contains a clear “global” marker of a new epoch. Photo: Pavla Fenwick

A radiocarbon 'golden spike' found in a tree on an island in the Southern Ocean marks a new geological epoch during which human activity has been a dominant influence on earth.


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Allowing bereaved families to view images from crime and accident scenes can offer them a path to healing, write Kate Rossmanith, Hugh Dillon and Jane Mowll.


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Public toilets are an essential amenity, but most of them aren't places we'd want to visit unless we have to. Christian Tietz asks: What does the failure to provide more restful and inviting places say about us?


Professor Paul Gladston is one of the world’s leading experts on Chinese contemporary art and culture. Photo: Supplied

Professor Paul Gladston, one of the world’s leading experts on Chinese contemporary art and culture, is the inaugural Judith Neilson Chair of Contemporary Art at UNSW Sydney.


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By the time young people get to university, it’s far too late to be initiating education on sexual consent, writes Bianca Fileborn.


Professor Ross Harley will continue as Dean of Art & Design until 2023 and take on take the new role of Chair of Culture at UNSW. Photo: Dan White

Professor Ross Harley has been appointed to a second term as Dean of the Faculty of Art & Design and will take on the new role of Chair of Culture at UNSW.


Brain scans show why people get aggressive after a drink or two. Photo: Shutterstock

UNSW scientists measuring blood flow in the brain to better understand why people often become aggressive after drinking alcohol have found that brain areas that temper aggression shut off when people drink.