When the Swans burst through their banner at the MCG for the AFL grand final, UNSW will have plenty of reasons to cheer them on.

Krystal Sutherland

Krystal Sutherland. Photo: supplied

The bittersweet bliss of first love is the subject of Krystal Sutherland’s debut novel, to be published in more than 20 countries, with a film to follow.


From left, UNSW Young Tall Poppies Bronwyn Graham, Robert Taylor and Danielle Moreau.

Work by UNSW researchers on everything from the effects of estrogen on anxiety to the impact of development on marine life has been recognised in the prestigious Young Tall Poppy Science Awards.

Donald Trump’s criticism of the US Federal Reserve has economists worried, writes Richard Holden.

Some of UNSW's leading academics in law, business, social sciences and public policy have been named in this year’s AFR/Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards.



Research found that 58 per cent of articles about Julia Gillard becoming Prime Minister discussed her gender, with 44 per cent insinuating her femininity was not prime ministerial. Photo: Flickr/Ed Dunens

A comparison of media coverage of Julia Gillard's and Malcolm Turnbull's ascent to Prime Minister reveals significant gender bias, according to research presented at UNSW on Wednesday. 


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One-third of people presenting to NSW emergency departments have underlying drug and alcohol problems, yet only a small number get appropriate treatment, UNSW research has found.  


Australians who have acquired hepatitis C through non-sterile injecting equipment experience discrimination from health workers lessening the likelihood of engaging in future treatment (Photo: Shutterstock).

A mistrust of the health system and discrimination from health workers could be preventing Australians living with hepatitis C from accessing life-saving treatment, according to new research. 



Australia is on track to cure more people of hepatitis C in 2016 alone than in the past two decades (Photo: Shutterstock).

Australia is on track to cure more people of hepatitis C in 2016 alone than in the past 20 years, according to a new report from UNSW's Kirby Institute.

Medicinal Cannabis.jpg

UNSW will lead Australia’s first medical cannabis trial. Image: iStock.

A world-first clinical trial led by UNSW to assess whether medicinal cannabis can enhance the quality of life for patients with advanced cancer will enrol its first patients in the coming months.


Photo: Szoki Adams / Flickr

Big ideas and big dollars have been invested in making 'memorable' places, write Edgar Liu and Robert Freestone.


Researchers found that Aboriginal athletes are typecast as racially more suitable to particular positions, like those characterised by speed, flair and spontaneity, rather than leadership acumen and intellectual skill. Photo: Shutterstock

Patronising racial stereotypes that laud Aboriginal peoples' natural sporting prowess are impeding the development of Aboriginal leadership in sport and its many flow-on benefits, a UNSW researcher has found. 


Photo: Szoki Adams / Flickr

Both genetic and environmental factors determine someone's personality. Genes account for up to 50% and unique environmental experiences make up the rest, writes Perminder Sachdev.


Around 40% of the total energy consumption in developed nations is attributable to buildings. Photo: Shutterstock

The energy consumption of buildings and their contribution to energy poverty and climate change is the topic of UNSW's next Utzon Lecture, tonight Wednesday 28 September.

Lab students

Photo: UNSW Media

UNSW has announced a major investment in staff, students and systems as it begins implementing its ambitious 2025 Strategy. The 10-year plan aims to position UNSW as Australia’s global university, among the world’s best.


Professor Simon Jackman, Professor Jennifer Hochschild and Bob Carr dissect the US Presidential election campaign at UNSW. Photo: Jaime Au

Picking a winner in the tumultuous US Presidential race is a fraught exercise, a panel of experts has told a conference audience at UNSW.

UNSW has struck a $70 million deal to create a consortium to develop and commercialise technology that could lead to the world’s first quantum computer in silicon.


UNSW's Scientia building.

UNSW has continued its steady march up the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, improving four places to 78.


Professor of Politics Louise Chappell is one of five distinguished UNSW academics elected as Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia.

Five UNSW researchers have been recognised for their distinguished achievements by being elected as Fellows of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. 


Muslim couple. Image copyright Moyan Brenn/ Flickr

Sixty per cent of Australians say they would be concerned if a relative married a Muslim, according to research presented at UNSW's 2016 Australian Political Studies Association Conference.


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Majority opposition to same-sex marriage is concentrated in rural areas, and rural Queensland in particular, according to research presented at the Australian Political Studies Association annual conference at UNSW on Tuesday.

lock information

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Keeping public information about companies locked up behind paywalls and maintained by private interests is not in the public interest, writes Jeffrey Knapp.

Same-sex marriage

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The poor fit between the plebiscite question on same-sex marriage and the legal change required could be a significant problem, writes George Williams. 


Baroness Jean Corston spoke at UNSW Law yesterday about how to stop the rising rates of female imprisonment in Australia.

Australia could end its decade-long trend of incarcerating more women by copying initiatives adopted in the United Kingdom, a former British politician suggests.  


A report by UNSW Business School’s Nigel Stapledon and Kevin Fox has put the case for a broad-based land tax as the most efficient way of capturing value created by new infrastructure investments. 

The passion and commitment of UNSW teaching staff to create unique and exciting ways to enhance student learning has been recognised in national awards for teaching excellence.



A program that will connect UNSW’s world-class researchers with young NSW innovators and businesses to develop their technologies for global markets has received $1 million in funding.


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It's Spring, and time for four in five research funding applicants to hear the words, sorry, it's a no go, writes Rob Brooks.