An innovative eHealth program launched today at UNSW aims to target the six main lifestyle risk factors among teenagers – including binge drinking and unhealthy eating – to help prevent chronic disease later in life.


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Leaders from the Gonski Institute for Education at UNSW Sydney will hold a forum on Tuesday to explore dramatic changes posed for schools by the recent Gonski report.


L-R: Scientia Professors Veena Sahajwalla, Richard Bryant and Martina Stenzel.

For their outstanding research on psychological responses to trauma, recycling science, and nanomaterials, three UNSW scientists have been elected as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science.


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Research into our faecal matter could lead to profound changes in the way we treat and diagnose disease. For now, though, it pays to beware of the hype. 


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A review of 6 million pregnancies has found that pregnancies after assisted reproduction technologies, such as IVF, are at a higher risk of placental complications, compared to those following natural conception.



UNSW's Dr Jane Kohlhoff holding a parent child therapy session with Shannon Murphy, mother of two from Armidale. Photo: Peter Rae

For the first time, parents living in regional and remote NSW can gain access to vital early childhood behavioural support through an online help program, with UNSW researchers leading the push for permanent services.


Chronic low-back pain is the leading cause of disability in Australia and will develop in around 40% of the four million Australians who experience low back pain. Photo: Shutterstock

Sufferers of chronic low back pain can look forward to a safe and side effect-free way to ease their discomfort, thanks to a team including UNSW researchers.

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New jobs and investment for Australia's growing space industry are promised with the backing of the new space agency. It's hoped that all states and territories will benefit from a national approach.

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While codes of conduct in banking may help, the tsunami of financial regulation over the past few decades has swept aside much of the sense of personal accountability.