The ANNUAL 18 exhibition, which is now taking registrations for its opening night on November 27, is Australia's most diverse exhibition of graduate contemporary art, design and creative media.


Promoting international collaboration: UNSW Business School Dean Professor Chris Styles.

Leaders of the Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools will share insights on the rapidly evolving international business environment at their annual meeting.

Current Ben Lexcen scholars

The current group of Ben Lexcen scholars were acknowledged for their contribution to the program at the 30th anniversary event. Photo: Andrew Hall

In 1988, UNSW became the first Australian university to offer sports scholarships. Thirty years on, the scholarships are shaping the lives of a new generation of student athletes.


Rachael and Jonathan Casella and their daughter, Mackenzie, who died in 2017 from the severe genetic condition spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

An unprecedented national project to assess whether thousands of couples are at risk of having children with severe genetic conditions was launched today.

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Taking banks to court might be crowd pleasing, but not the best use of ASIC’s resources. Image from Shutterstock

ASIC is under pressure to take every significant case to court. But that would delay justice and break its budget.


A village lies in ruins after an earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok this year. Photo: Shutterstock

The release of a key Red Cross report at UNSW Sydney highlighted the risk to low-income communities in the Asia-Pacific.


Bottlenose dolphins of Bunbury, Western Australia. Credit: Delphine Chabanne, Murdoch University

An analysis of dolphin genes has revealed information about their past migrations, showing just how crucial migrants might be for other populations.


Dr Antoinette Anazodo and her daughter at the 2018 Premier's Awards, recognising excellence in public service.

Adolescent and young adult oncologist and UNSW academic Dr Antoinette Anazodo​ has won multiple awards for making fertility treatments more accessible ​for people with cancer.

Issue 2 2018

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The current social housing construction rate – barely 3,000 dwellings a year – does not even keep pace with rising need, let alone make inroads into today’s backlog. Image from Shutterstock

A tenfold increase in building is needed to overcome the current social housing shortfall and cover projected growth in need. But it can be done, and direct public investment is the cheapest way.


Professor Chris Heeschen and Associate Professor Phoebe Phillips.

Two top UNSW cancer researchers, Professor Christopher Heeschen and Associate Professor Phoebe Phillips, have been awarded grants for research to fight one of the world’s deadliest cancers.


A male house sparrow displaying the dark bib plumage. Picture: Shuttestock

The size of a male house sparrow's bib has long been associated with the bird's fighting abilities and status within the flock. But an international team of researchers has shown there is little evidence to support it.