A clinical trial of a new immunotherapy that will deliver a “toxin bomb” to brain cancer cells was one of two UNSW medical projects to receive funding announced by Health Minister Greg Hunt at UNSW.


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Chris Martin explains how a review of international housing rental markets has found aspects that Australia could emulate – and avoid.


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Students with well-developed and adaptive social and emotional behaviours are most likely to excel in school, according to UNSW researchers in educational psychology.



Cryptocurrencies could lead to significant losses in tax revenue, write Richard Holden and Anup Malani.


The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community is not being heard in the debate around Australia Day and it is indicative of the state of Indigenous affairs in Australia, writes Gemma McKinnon.


Ground-breaking virtual reality technology from UNSW Sydney is allowing multiple scientists to see inside a human cell at the same time.

Ground-breaking virtual reality technology is allowing multiple scientists to see inside a human cell at the same time, giving researchers a three-dimensional tool to improve doctor interaction and help analyse how cancer drugs work.

Issue 3 2017


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A major review by UNSW researchers has identified strong evidence that a virus called Enterovirus D68 is the cause of a mystery polio-like illness that has paralysed children in the US, Canada and Europe.


Professor Helen Lochhead will lead the new Sydney South Planning Panel. Photo: Jessica Lindsay

UNSW's Dean of Built Environment Helen Lochhead will review major development proposals in south-western Sydney after her appointment as Chair of one of five Sydney Planning Panels.


The legal profession is one of many being disrupted by new technologies. Photo: Shutterstock

A review of UNSW's Law curriculum aims to prepare students for the changes to the law and the legal profession caused by digital disruption.


Professor Sisi Zlatanova is joining the Faculty of Built Environment. Photo: Supplied

Leading geospatial scientist Sisi Zlatanova is joining UNSW to head a research centre that will produce 3D digital maps of Sydney's buildings and infrastructure.


We have the power to use AI weapons for good or ill, says Walsh. Photo: Supplied

UNSW's Professor Toby Walsh has been named runner-up for a global award for his work alerting the world to the dangers of robotic weapons.


A string of high-profile incidents suggest music festivals are hotspots for sexual assault. Photo: Shutterstock

Sexual harassment and assault are common experiences in general. Bianca Fileborn and Phillip Wadds suggest there is no reason to assume this is any different at music festivals.


Prototype for the anti-smog scarf. Photo: Supplied

A team of UNSW students visited Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenzhen to design a range of wearable technology prototypes in collaboration with Chinese students and manufacturers.