Australia’s five-time world champions of robot soccer, UNSW’s Runswift team, heads to Japan this weekend to try and recapture the international trophy for a record sixth time.


The June 2016 ‘superstorm’ that battered eastern Australia caused widespread damage to homes and infrastructure, including these homes in Sydney's Collaroy Beach.

The world’s most extensive study of the impacts of coastal storm fronts in a changing climate has found that rising seas are no longer the only threat.

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Airbnb and NSW strata law

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More than 600 members of the gifted education community are gathering at UNSW for the 22nd biennial World Gifted Conference. 

Surgeons who rely on a patient’s own report of their nasal function may not be getting an accurate picture – unless they first assess their patient's mental health, UNSW research finds.


Infection and immunity researcher Anthony Kelleher from the Kirby Institute has been welcomed as Acting Dean of UNSW Medicine.


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If you're abused by a stranger in the street, there's help available. It shouldn't be any different online, write Nicole Vincent and Emma Jane.


President Donald Trump’s shift to focus on trade may have unintended consequences, UNSW Business School’s Tim Harcourt has warned. 


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While homelessness is becoming more visible, it is not new in affluent societies like Australia, writes Anne O'Brien. 

Smartphone security

Are you worried about cyber hacking?

Worried about phone hacking? Dr Nalin Asanka Gamagedara Arachchilage from the Australian Centre for Cyber Security at UNSW Canberra provides three steps to help you become a cybersecurity expert.


Sir Rupert leads the 50th-anniversary celebrations today. Photo: Supplied

Former Vice-Chancellor Sir Rupert Myers will lead celebrations today marking the 50th anniversary of the signing of an agreement to provide officer cadets with degree studies for the first time.


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The high rate of ice melt along the West Antarctic Peninsula is being driven by strengthening winds on the opposite side of the continent, up to 6000km away, new research suggests.


(L-R) Darren Goodsir, Fiona Docherty, Laurie Pearcey and Amir Mireskandari.

The appointments of Darren Goodsir and Amir Mireskandari bring a new breadth and depth of experience to the UNSW External Relations team.


Rider wearing a Quad bike helmet with Quadbar Operator Protective Device attached to bike. Image: UNSW

UNSW researchers have welcomed a NSW government call to introduce a national five-star safety rating system for quad bikes, to help save lives on farms. 


An Indigenous “voice to parliament” would rectify a persistent democratic fault in Australian society.

The Referendum Council’s report is the conclusion of 18 months of consultation and discussion, including six months of regional dialogues with Indigenous people.


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Human-induced climate change was almost certainly responsible for a marine heat wave off Tasmania’s east coast that lasted 251 days and had an area of impact seven times the size of the island, a new study shows.


NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian at the NUW Alliance launch in Sydney.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has officially launched the NUW Alliance between the universities of New South Wales, Newcastle and Wollongong, a partnership dedicated to finding smart solutions to the State's biggest challenges.


Whether the dots appear to bounce or move past each other depends on how the face moves. Image: Current Biology / Cell Press

Where other people are looking can influence our own way of seeing the world, new research at the UNSW School of Psychology has found.

Aboriginal flag

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A national constitutional convention is the best way to determine whether a proposed Indigenous advisory body can unify the nation, writes George Williams.