The federal government should focus on specific measures that will boost employment and stimulate growth and productivity, says UNSW Business School’s Gigi Foster.


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Australians have endured floods, bushfires and hailstorms and more over the last two years. The government is better aligning policy to deal with disasters, but its plan is somewhat half-baked.

It took just 5,000 years for large and well-organised groups of people to populate all corners of the continent.

mRNA versus adenovirus vaccine

What is the difference between the mRNA vaccine and the adenovirus vaccine? Can the mRNA vaccine be tweaked when new variants develop?

The planet's evolution and ‘microbial poop’ were just some of the wide ranging topics US mineralogist Dr Robert Hazen covered at the UNSW Centre for Ideas event last night.

a woman in a wheelchair sits looking at a window filled with bright light

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During the height of the pandemic, people with disability felt they had been forgotten and were not a priority. In the vaccine rollout, the government is repeating its past mistakes.

a graphic representation of ocean currents seen from space

Image: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

Our team discovered clear changes in the distribution and strength of ocean eddies. These changes have never been detected before.

Tjapukai Shaw, RAAF Indigenous liaison officer, with two young Indigenous men in front of a large aircraft

Tjapukai Shaw, the Air Force’s Indigenous liaison officer, on an outreach mission to Indigenous communities in a remote part of NSW in 2019. Photo: Dan Himbrecht /AAP

These issues matter to our strategic allies, particularly in the Pacific. Dutton's climate change scepticism and attitudes toward First Nations people could be damaging.


A student from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia performs the Jaranan Dance in Surabaya as part of the campus’s summer program in 2018. Photo: ANTARA FOTO/Moch Asim

When Australian universities cancel their language programs, they abandon their crucial role in promoting engagement with Indonesia. In the long run, ties between the two countries will suffer for it.

Two stalagmites in Yonderup Cave, Yanchep, Western Australia

Stalagmites on average have grown one metre over the last 11,000 years. These two are in Yonderup Cave, Yanchep, Western Australia. Photo: Andy Baker/UNSW

To look inside a stalagmite is to look back in time tens of thousands of years to see how the Earth’s climate patterns have shaped the world we live in today.

diverse group of people


Diversity can lead organisations to perform better. But new research shows that isn't automatic.

2019 Drug Trends Report

The report, which analyses data from 1997 to 2019, revealed opioids were the main drug cited in drug-induced deaths for over 20 years. Image: Shutterstock

The latest Drug Trends report from UNSW Sydney’s National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre reveals there were 1865 drug-induced deaths in 2019, with a shift to more deaths involving heroin than natural and semi-synthetic opioids.