Australia needs a new national assessment system rather than reforms to the current NAPLAN system, according to a new report from the Gonski Institute for Education.

Health and medical research

UNSW researchers will share more than $8 million in funding from the MRFF. Photo: Shutterstock.

Researchers to examine new treatments for “ice” use, Crohn’s disease, spinal cord injuries, and new methods for detecting epidemics.

graphic of virus and people wearing masks

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Will new guidelines on how to protect front-line workers acknowledge the coronavirus can spread via the air we breathe? It's time they did.

UNSW Business School research shows Airbnb hosts who appear to be more attractive and trustworthy charge up to 5 per cent more than their peers for similar listings.


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Australians have endured floods, bushfires and hailstorms and more over the last two years. The government is better aligning policy to deal with disasters, but its plan is somewhat half-baked.

Everyone from human rights experts to famous cricketers are expressing their disgust at the federal government's India travel ban. Its legality depends on what laws you are looking at.

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Labour market scarring can have a lifelong effect on people’s earnings and their ability to climb the employment ladder, says UNSW Business School's Richard Holden.

White-lipped Tree Frog

The White-lipped Tree Frog (Litoria infrafrenata) from northern Queensland is an example of one of Australia's most tolerant frog species. Photo: Jodi Rowley.

A UNSW and Australian Museum study using data from a citizen science project finds 70 per cent are vulnerable to housing, agriculture, roads and recreation.

Dr Hiranya Jayakody and Dr Will Crowe

HEO Robotics Founders Dr Hiranya Jayakody and Dr Will Crowe. Photo: UNSW.

HEO Robotics is teaming up with Space Machines Company to launch an on-orbit inspection camera into space.

hand prints on wall

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It took just 5,000 years for large and well-organised groups of people to populate all corners of the continent.

cars driving in an urban area at sunset

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NSW is developing a planning policy with the goal of creating healthy places. The policy goals need to be embedded in laws and budgets.

An app on a phone

Only when a properly "designed and managed platform underpins" all the mobility services will the real transformation be unlocked. Photo: Edi Kurniawan/Unsplash.

It has happened with software, computing and entertainment, but we're still waiting for the platform needed for mobility as a service to reach its full potential.

These issues matter to our strategic allies, particularly in the Pacific. Dutton's climate change scepticism and attitudes toward First Nations people could be damaging.

a woman in a wheelchair sits looking at a window filled with bright light

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During the height of the pandemic, people with disability felt they had been forgotten and were not a priority. In the vaccine rollout, the government is repeating its past mistakes.

a graphic representation of ocean currents seen from space

Image: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

Our team discovered clear changes in the distribution and strength of ocean eddies. These changes have never been detected before.

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To be effective, a video needs to be clear about its message and relatable. The government's milkshake video seemingly about consent failed on both counts. But these videos get it right.


A student from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia performs the Jaranan Dance in Surabaya as part of the campus’s summer program in 2018. Photo: ANTARA FOTO/Moch Asim

When Australian universities cancel their language programs, they abandon their crucial role in promoting engagement with Indonesia. In the long run, ties between the two countries will suffer for it.