UNSW Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Professor Megan Davis says the Uluru Statement from the Heart provides a roadmap to resolving the heated Australia Day debate. 


Baby Kalara with her mother Sam, who has type 1 diabetes. Kalara is part of the ENDIA Study. Picture: OMGImagery

An additional $8.25 million for the ENDIA Study into type 1 diabetes will enable researchers to follow 1500 children in the first years of their lives.


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UNSW academics are available for interview on the bushfires, discussing links to climate change, and how fires affect our health and water supplies.

Featured expert

Waterbomber crash

Dr Sonya Brown

UNSW Lecturer in Aerospace Design, Dr Sonya Brown, is available for comment. Contact Isabelle Dubach at 0432 307 244 for interviews.


Trump impeachment

Dr William Clapton

Dr William Clapton, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, is available to comment on the US Senate impeachment trial of President Trump. Contact Ben Knight: 0422 651 085.


SARS-like 'mystery virus'

Professor Raina MacIntyre

Professor Raina MacIntyre is available for comment. Contact Isabelle Dubach at 0432 307 244 for interviews.


Retail industry collapse

Professor Jenny Buchan

Professor Jenny Buchan is available for comment. Contact Ebony Stansfield on 0434 904 669 for interviews.

Tap water

Using a carbon activated filter at home can help you keep your drinking water safe. Image: Shutterstock

We’re tapping into UNSW Engineering Professor Stuart Khan's expertise on water quality and how to keep your drinking water safe as the Australian bushfires continue.

ARC research

More than $1.3 million has been awarded to three UNSW research projects through the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project Scheme.

Dr Tristan Moss

Dr Tristan Moss from UNSW Canberra has been awarded the Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Australian-American Alliance Studies.

UNSW’s 2020 recipients will travel to esteemed US research institutions and organisations under the flagship foreign exchange program.

Featured expert

Iran crisis

Dr Srinjoy Bose

Dr Srinjoy Bose, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, is available to comment on the unfolding crisis in Iran. Contact Ben Knight: 0422 651 085.



Dr Mariam Farida

Dr Mariam Farida is available for comment on ISIS new leader Amir Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Mawli al-Salbi. Contact Rachel Gray: (02) 9385 0445


Sporting grants in marginal seats

Dr Mark Rolfe

Dr Mark Rolfe is available to comment on ministerial scandals and the changing political battlefield. Contact Diane Nazaroff on 0424 479 199.


Private health insurance exodus

Professor Michael Sherris

Professor Michael Sherris is available to comment on the impact of declining private health insurance (PHI) popularity on our economy, healthcare system, and remaining PHI customers. Contact Ebony Stansfield on 0404 788 622 for interviews.

UNSW Art & Design Professor Ian Howard has been fascinated with the rubbing technique since the 1960s, a time also marked by the escalation of the Vietnam War.

Supporting women's economic empowerment in developing countries

UNSW Business School has secured funding from the Australia-ASEAN Council (AAC) to help enable women’s economic empowerment and financial inclusion in developing communities. 

Sisi Zlatnova

Professor Sisi Zlatanova investigates the use of 3D digital models with the aim of improving accessibility, safety and emergency response procedures.


Professor Mari Velonaki is the Director of the Creative Robotics Lab at UNSW Art & Design. Her research is in social robotics that can assist humans, including autistic children and the elderly.

scan of orchard hill station

A scan taken from the new Fire and Rescue NSW Emergency Services Academy in Orchard Hills. Image: Supplied.

A research team from UNSW Built Environment is using 3D mapping technology to help improve fire safety and crisis response procedures for Fire and Rescue NSW. 

UNSW PhD student Giselle Newton is also a donor-conceived person.

UNSW donor-conceived PhD student Giselle Newton

A group of donor-conceived and surrogate-born people have spoken out at the UN in a renewed push to improve the rights of access to biological information.

P2 Face Masks

Conjoint Professor Bin Jalaludin says the P2 face masks are the most effective masks to wear on smoky days.

Conjoint Professor Bin Jalaludin from UNSW School of Public Health and Community Medicine answers your top questions about air quality and how to stay protected as the Australian bushfires continue.

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