A report by UNSW Law academics Michael Grewcock and Vicki Sentas says the law does not give police clear guidance on conducting strip searches.


UNSW alumna Merinda Dutton

UNSW alumna Merinda Dutton has received the National Indigenous Legal Professional of the Year Award.


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The 'medevac' law provides protection from people who do not recognise the legitimate medical needs of asylum seekers, UNSW's Kaldor Centre will tell a Senate inquiry on Monday.

With a relatively low debt to GDP ratio, Australia was never at risk of becoming Greece. But Germany, with negative interest rates and scant prospects for economic growth, is an open question.

How do people get cancer?

How do people get cancer?

What is cancer – the deadly disease that affects the lives of millions of people around the world each year? And… why do some people get it, and others not? 

Sandersan Onie

PhD student Sandersan Onie at ABC Radio. Photo: David Fisher

Psychology PhD student Sandersan Onie is working on removing the stigma surrounding mental health and improving science-based interventions in his home of Indonesia.

The comedy star, who graduated from UNSW in 2009 with a double degree in law and arts, returned to campus to share her university experience and offer advice to students.

clay bowl Sydney

A large bowl or pan thought to have been made in Sydney by the potter Thomas Ball between 1801 and 1823. Courtesy of Casey & Lowe, photo by Russell Workman

Though the Indigenous inhabitants were using white clay long before them, Sydney-made pottery helped colonists maintain different aspects of 'civilised' behaviour.

david sanderson

UNSW Professor David Sanderson launches his book A Good Practice Review in Urban Humanitarian Response on World Humanitarian Day.


Tim Harcourt, UNSW Business School

It isn't all bad news for producers facing an EU plan to slice and dice the names of some foods, say UNSW Business School's Tim Harcourt.


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A new study by UNSW researchers shines a light on how survivors of sexual assault can be silenced – and mentally harmed – if they are ignored, not believed, or threatened.


Companion animals, sport animals and animals we use in agriculture are all affected by the rule of law, says Dr Siobhan O'Sullivan from UNSW’s School of Social Sciences.

2019 Tall Poppy awards

Professor Rebecca Guy and Dr Angelica Merlot have been named NSW Tall Poppies for excellence in scientific research and science communication.

Leading UNSW academics have won 2019 Young Tall Poppy Science Awards for their work in the treatment of pancreatic cancer and the prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted infections.

ARC grants

UNSW Sydney has secured $8.3 million in Australian Research Council (ARC) Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP) Hub grants for 2019.

More than $8 million worth of ARC grants have been awarded to two UNSW projects that will involve research into the major global challenges of antibiotic resistance and recyclable waste.

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