Over six years, researchers evaluated the cognitive effects of statins in elderly consumers, revealing no negative impact and potential protective effects in those at risk of dementia.

More than 800 UNSW students have been inspired by a research station in outback NSW.

Light rays

UNSW researchers have combined 3D printing with a light-controlled process to create a "living" 4D resin. Image: Shutterstock

UNSW Sydney researchers have successfully merged 3D/4D printing with a chemical process to produce “living” resin, which has huge potential for fields as diverse as recycling and biomedicine.

Operation Posidonia

SCUBA divers replant Posidonia australis fragments in Shoal Bay. Picture: Adriana Vergés

A beautiful seagrass is endangered in parts of NSW, but a team of “underwater gardeners” led by a UNSW marine ecologist is working to stem its decline.

Aerial landscape

Inspiring the engineering profession to work towards a low-carbon future

As the engineering sector turns its attention to the climate crisis, UNSW Engineering has taken the lead in being the first university to commit to a movement steering the profession towards a low carbon future.

Expert available for interview

(Un)taxing Child-care

Professor Richard Holden

Professor Richard Holden, UNSW Business School, is available to discuss tax-deductable child-care. Contact Richard Holden, 0409 446 296

Expert available for interview

Strip searches

Dr Michael Grewcock

Dr Michael Grewcock, UNSW Law, is available to discuss strip searches. Contact Diane Nazaroff, 0424 479 199

expert available for interview

Cyber hackers

Professor Richard Buckland

Professor Richard Buckland, UNSW’s School of Computer Science and Engineering, is available to comment on the new industry code to protect home internet devices from cyber hackers. Contact Lachlan Gilbert 0404 192 367

Expert available for interview

CBA pleads guilty

Associate Professor Mark Humphery-Jenner

Associate Professor Mark Humphery-Jenner, UNSW Business School, is available to discuss the Commonwealth Bank pleading guilty to selling life insurance to customers through unsolicited phone calls. Contact James Gorman, 0414 990 480


Heracles inexpectatus, also known as Squawkzilla

If Bird of the Year was a thing 20 million years ago.... this would be your winner. Meet Squawkzilla, a giant fossilised parrot our researchers recently found in NZ.

Also known as Heracles inexpectatus, it was found in a fossil deposit well known for its rich assemblage of birds from the Miocene period.

Read more about the discovery: http://unsw.to/MeetSquawkzilla

cement mixer

If the cement industry were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of CO₂ in the world. Image from Shutterstock

The cement needed to make concrete – the most widely used man-made material – is a major source of global emissions. Researchers are working on a green replacement that could transform the sector.

UNSW Cultural Mentors

The Cultural Mentor Program has fostered deep connections between international students and provides a lifelong link to UNSW. Photo: Fahim Alam

The Cultural Mentors program was designed to help international students settle into life in Australia, but the connections it provides go much deeper than that.

expert available for interview

Bushfires and climate change

Scott David Mooney

Associate Professor Mooney, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, is an expert in bushfire, fire history, past climate change, climate variability, and human impacts. Contact Sherry Landow 0466 634 161


Bushfires and native animals

Mike Letnic

Professor Mike Letnic, Centre for Ecosystem Science, can advise on effects bushfires have on native animals, as well as terrestrial ecology, ecosystem restoration, management of invasive species, and predators. Contact Sherry Landow 0466 634 161


Bushfire smoke and our health

Christine Cowie

Dr Christine Cowie, environmental epidemiologist, is an expert in the health effects of air pollution exposures. Contact Sherry Landow on 0466 634 161


Bushfires and water supply

Stuart Khan

Professor Stuart Khan, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is an expert on the impact of extreme weather events on water quality. Contact Caroline Tang 0466 634 161

Astronomers have spotted something they weren't expecting – a star that has been travelling at 6 million kilometres an hour for 5 million years.

Electrical Engineering Building

UNSW's Electrical Engineering Building has been transformed.

UNSW has been recognised for its investment in world-class research and teaching facilities at the Master Builder’s Association (MBA) of NSW awards.

Dr Google

Your twitching eye is more likely to be due to staring at a screen for too long rather than some serious illness. Image from Shutterstock

If Googling your health symptoms is taking over you're day-to-day life and is distressing you, here are some ways to get help.


UNSW Business School student Ananya Sinha co-founded Indus Global, a social enterprise focusing on combating the huge issue of e-waste in Australia by taking advantage of the circular economy.

UNSW Business School student Ananya Sinha co-founded Indus Global, a social enterprise focusing on combating the huge issue of e-waste in Australia by taking advantage of the circular economy.


A firestorm on Mirror Plateaun Yellowstone Park, 1988. Jim Peaco/US National Park Service

Large, intense bushfires can pump so much heat into the atmosphere they form their own thunderstorm system. And that can make the weather on the ground even more dangerously unpredictable.

Kaldor Centre

Italy’s Humanitarian Corridors, which supports asylum seekers to settle in Italy. Image: Community of Sant'Egidio

The Kaldor Centre’s Safe Journeys and Sound Policy critically analyses the ways people can seek asylum without risking dangerous journeys.

New research suggests the clitoris is equally as important for reproduction as it is for sexual pleasure. But the evidence behind that claim is up for debate.


Pasi Sahlberg is professor of education policy and deputy director of the Gonski Institute at UNSW. The Finnish educator and author has advised on education reforms around the world. His latest research projects focus on the importance of unstructured play for children, as well as the effects of digital devices in and outside of Australia's schools.

off-earth mining

Off-earth mining could be a lucrative opportunity for Australia. Image: Shutterstock/NASA

Forum will bring Australia’s space community together to shape a collective vision for the nation’s space endeavours.

Mental Health Prize

Dual winners of the Australian Mental Health Prize, Joe Williams and Christine Morgan.

Two mental health advocates tackling suicide prevention have been named joint winners of the 2019 Australian Mental Health Prize at UNSW Sydney last night. 


Will my surgery work? Well, it depends on who you ask. Image from Shutterstock

Professional societies of doctors, surgeons or physiotherapists are more likely to recommend against treatments provided by others, our new research shows.

Start-up or large organisation: which one would you prefer to work for?

UNSW Business School alumna Jenny Chu pivoted into a new career from start-up to corporate after being inspired by the can-do attitude of people working in the tech industry.

From an initial interest in optometry to managing a start-up to joining one of the world’s biggest tech giants – UNSW Business School alumna Jenny Chu has tried it all in the pursuit of a fulfilling career.

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