Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores have built a portfolio that combines the rehabilitation of old buildings with creating new public spaces.


Associate Professor Kim Delbaere and Dr Matthew Brodie.

A team of researchers from NeuRA and UNSW have received funding to test eHealth and smart garment technologies designed to prevent falls in people with Parkinson’s disease.


Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith

Lisa Harvey-Smith has joined UNSW Sydney as Professor of Practice in Science Communication and the Australian government's Women in STEM Ambassador.


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Actuary Anthony Asher suggests why the banking royal commission should have examined excessive CEO remuneration.

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Dead fish are a source of food for bacteria, which then extract oxygen from the river. Image from Shutterstock

Hundreds of thousands of fish have died in low-oxygen water. Here's what actually happened to the oxygen, and why we might see more deaths in the coming weeks.


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The new visa allowing migrant parents to bring their own parents to Australia to provide childcare support has dangers for families, write Angela Kintominas and Myra Hamilton. 


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Evidence is growing that pill testing encourages young people to reconsider their drug use — and new forms of testing can provide even more benefits.

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UNSW Sydney proves popular again with prospective students, who are being encouraged to enrol once they receive an official offer to secure their place. 

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Prices are off, but from unprecedented highs. It could be a one-time adjustment.


Study authors Dr Joris Keizer and Professor Michelle Simmons

UNSW scientists have shown that their pioneering single atom technology can be adapted to building 3D silicon quantum chips – with precise interlayer alignment and highly accurate measurement of spin states. The 3D architecture is considered a major step in the development of a blueprint to build a large-scale quantum computer.


A new study by UNSW medical researchers sheds light on an understudied area – community beliefs about what causes cancer in children.


Mudflats at Sandgate, near Brisbane, Australia. Intertidal ecosystems around the world have been receding, according to the latest data. Picture: Shutterstock

In a world-first study of its kind, UNSW and UQ researchers used artificial intelligence and extensive satellite imagery to find that intertidal zones around the globe have receded.

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Protests in Caracas in 2017 were repressed by the Bolivarian National Guard using tear gas. Image from Shutterstock

Beginning with President Chávez and continuing under President Maduro, Venezuela has evolved into a rampant kleptocracy.

Seven UNSW academics and alumni have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships, the flagship US foreign exchange program that aims to increase binational research collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

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