Jessica Grisham

UNSW Professor Jessica Grisham explains the psychology behind hoarding disorder

Robot in classroom

Back to school time: remote-controlled robots are giving children with serious illness the chance to interact with their school and classmates again. Photo: The Story Mill.

Most school students are back in school after a tumultuous school year, but remote learning – and social isolation – is an ongoing reality for thousands of sick children around the country.

NUW Alliance

The Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education joins the Vice-Chancellors of the four NUW Alliance universities and NUW CEO at the signing ceremony on Monday. Photo: NUW Alliance.

The ‘NUW Alliance,’ the University of Newcastle, UNSW Sydney and the University of Wollongong has a new joint venture partner – Western Sydney University.

iPod shuffle and earphones with the word bias written on a sticky-note

Our emotional response to music could be pre-determined. Photo: Shutterstock.

The way we feel about music is shaped not only by the music itself but by our mindset, a new study shows.


UNSW Science and Engineering were awarded the lion's share of the University's grants in the 2021 Discovery Projects round.

The new round of grants will support research in arts and social sciences, built environment, business, engineering, law, medicine and science.

Psychologists are hoping the UNSW Face Test will help unearth more of Australia’s top performers in facial recognition, known as super-recognisers.


Dr Hayley Bates is working with Professor Mike Archer to save the endangered Moujntain Pygmy Possum using evidence from the fossil record of its ancestors.

The critically endangered mountain pygmy-possum could have its survival chances boosted if scientists succeed in moving the tiny animal from its alpine habitat to a warmer, lowland forest environment, a UNSW Sydney study suggests. If successful the project, led by UNSW researchers Professor Mike Archer and Dr Hayley Bates, could provide a template for saving other similarly threatened animals worldwide.

a woman hailing a taxi at the roadside at night

Photo: Shutterstock

New research shows while most taxi and rideshare journeys are completed safely, there is still an unacceptable level of harassment and intimidation.