In a year of normal rain, the University's system will return 30 megalitres of stormwater to Botany Sands Aquifer.

UNSW Sydney is installing a second rainwater capture and reuse pit under its Kensington campus to reduce stormwater damage and replenish water supplies in the local area. 


A project led by UNSW Canberra researcher David Paull is tracking in detail the effect of brumbies on some of the nation's most iconic country.


'A win for the community, the utility and the environment': UNSW is working with Sewer Venting and Crane Hire Services on reducing costs for utilities. Photo: Shutterstock

UNSW researchers are collaborating with Sewer Venting and Crane Hire Services (SVSR) to look at the potential for graphene oxide to be applied to wastewater collection networks.


Pat Anderson with UNSW Dean of Law George Williams (left) and UNSW Chancellor David Gonski.

Pat Anderson has been honoured for her advocacy of social justice and lasting change for Australia’s First Peoples. 

australia people census.jpg

Census data and other official statistics are used for government planning and budgeting. Image from Shutterstock

Digital technologies put an abundance of data at our fingertips, but we must ensure questions of what should, and should not, be measured are answered before we use them in official statistics.


Scientist at work at the UNSW Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics.

UNSW Sydney researchers are leading the genetic analysis of data from a landmark aspirin trial, creating a powerful resource for biomedical research.


Stephen Fry presented the keynote address of the Festival during a whirlwind visit. Photo: Yaya Stempler

What will happen in the next sexual revolution? When will machines become smarter than humans? The Festival of Dangerous Ideas, presented this year for the first time in conjunction with UNSW, asked some fascinating questions.

Renata and Andrew Kaldor

Renata and Andrew Kaldor after receiving their commendation. "[We understand] some of the things desperate refugees do to escape and find safety,” Mr Kaldor said.

Andrew and Renata Kaldor, former refugees who have used their career success to influence refugee law and policy, have been recognised for their exceptional contribution to society.


Dr Andrew Leigh, winner of the 2018 Bragg UNSW Press Prize for Science Writing, with Dean of Science, Professor Emma Johnston.

A piece on the effects of placebo surgeries and the birth of randomised trials has been awarded the 2018 Bragg UNSW Press Prize for Science Writing.

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