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Pancreatic and brain cancer researcher Dr Angelica Merlot has been nominated for 2019 NSW Young Woman of the Year.


A study by UNSW researchers is evaluating a short, online-based therapy that holds great promise for people who suffer from panic disorder.


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Bowel cancer mostly affects people over the age of 50, but recent evidence suggests it’s on the rise among younger Australians.


Scientia Professor Michelle Simmons with a scanning tunnelling microscope. Credit: UNSW

Don’t fixate on funding cuts and market challenges, UK-born star scientist Michelle Simmons tells Australian peers.


Architects Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores.

Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores have built a portfolio that combines the rehabilitation of old buildings with creating new public spaces.


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Over half of the world’s groundwater flows could take over 100 years to respond fully to climate change, new research has revealed.

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Men and women face different trade-offs when choosing a career in teaching. Image from Shutterstock

For women with a bachelor of arts degree, teaching is one of the highest paying jobs. The opposite is true for men.


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Imagine if men were expected to turn up to work and act normal even if they were bleeding, doubled-over with abdominal pain, and grief stricken because their baby just died.

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Dead fish are a source of food for bacteria, which then extract oxygen from the river. Image from Shutterstock

Hundreds of thousands of fish have died in low-oxygen water. Here's what actually happened to the oxygen, and why we might see more deaths in the coming weeks.


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The new visa allowing migrant parents to bring their own parents to Australia to provide childcare support has dangers for families, write Angela Kintominas and Myra Hamilton. 


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Evidence is growing that pill testing encourages young people to reconsider their drug use — and new forms of testing can provide even more benefits.

Seven UNSW academics and alumni have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships, the flagship US foreign exchange program that aims to increase binational research collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

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