Professor Michael Legg and Dr Felicity Bell at the FLIP conference. Photo: Law Society of NSW

UNSW Law is leading research into how artificial intelligence is changing work for lawyers and how we all have access to justice.


Photo: Shutterstock.

Researchers from the Kirby Institute say its time to remove restrictions that prevent recent drug users from accessing successful hepatitis C treatment.


Canadian science writer Dan Falk, UNSW’s fourth Ingenuity Fellow, a journalist-in-residence program run by the Faculty of Engineering. (Photo: Sara Desjardins)

Dan Falk, a celebrated science writer and radio documentary producer, will be UNSW’s fourth Ingenuity Fellow, a journalist-in-residence program offered by the Faculty of Engineering.

Wall Street bull.jpg

The debate ought to be about whether we should have spent big. It was good that we did. But we need to "reload" and get the financial system under control.


UNSW Associate Professor Nadine Kasparian, winner of the 2018-19 Harkess Fellowship. Photo: Quentin Jones.

Associate Professor Nadine Kasparian will work at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital to inform her work on mental health care for children with critical or chronic illness. 


With so many different types out there, it's hard to know what sleep medications are safe to use. Here's a guide.


A prototype of the Centaur Pod.

Rooms that learn human behaviour and change shape in response are the vision of UNSW Built Environment and the engineering firm behind the Sydney Opera House.

Issue 1 2018

An international roll call of big thinkers will debate sexuality, morality, the dangers of artificial inteligence and the search for trust in a post-truth world at events presented with UNSW Sydney.