Michaelia Cash and Scott Morrison

Michaelia Cash and Scott Morrison. Photo: Mick Tsikas/AAP

The government's response to Kate Jenkins' landmark report on sexual harassment in the workplace includes several positive measures. On the whole, however, it doesn't go far enough.

vaccination hub

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UNSW researchers have used mathematical simulations of waiting in line, known as stochastic queue network models, to model the process of running a vaccination clinic.

Artist's conceptual picture of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus.

Phosphine detected in the atmosphere of Venus has scientists divided about whether or not it signifies primitive life on the planet. Image: Shutterstock

To confirm life on other planets, we need to detect far more molecules in their atmospheres than we currently do to rule out non-biological chemical processes.

See, no crying or big needles, just a person of colour showing off his plaster

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Our well-meaning efforts to use images to help demystify the vaccination process or share our pride in getting a COVID vaccine can backfire.

Farmer using tablet to monitor plants

FinTech is connecting underemployed Indonesian farmers with under-utilised land to produce high-quality organic food and sustainable incomes. Photo: Shutterstock

Fintech is playing an important role in helping digital entrepreneurs tap into growth opportunities in Indonesia's developing communities, shows UNSW Business School research.

cover of the Universities Australia respect action plan

Photo: David Moir/AAP

Universities are a step ahead in having adopted a number of practical changes, but it's clear transformative cultural change in our institutions requires all the expertise they can muster.

Martin Holt

Professor Martin Holt took carriage of the Gay Community Periodic Surveys 10 years ago.

UNSW Sydney’s longstanding partnership with state health departments and community HIV organisations will be extended to engage a broader range of people affected by HIV.


As NASA’s Perseverance rover lands on Mars, UNSW is playing a key role in the search for life on the red planet. In July 2019, Professor Martin Van Kranendonk took a team of NASA and European Space Agency scientists to the Pilbara, in the Western Australian outback. The Pilbara is home to rocks that contain the oldest evidence of life on Earth, in layered reefs calls stromatolites, created by tiny microbes. At 3.5 billion years old, these rocks are a similar age to those that can be found on Mars, so these rocks will help the NASA team identify where to dig for samples on Mars, and what to look for in the samples.