aerial view of urban area in oakleigh suburb in melbourne australia

Two in three Australians live in a capital city. Photo: Shutterstock.

Our largest cities are central to achieving sustainability in a time of climate change. The federal government has begun to act on the need for coherent urban policies.

Scientists have detected a 30 per cent slowdown of the deep ocean currents that form in Antarctica, with profound consequences for Earth’s climate, sea level and marine life.

Human civilisation is headed for collapse. Collectively, we are pushing planet Earth beyond the limits of endurance. There has to be a better way. Now a new book makes the case for systemic change.

Researcher points to a computer screen displaying spectrometry results

The team were able to identify unique combinations of metabolites that could prevent or potentially be early warning signs for Parkinson’s disease. Photo: Shutterstock

There is no blood test to identify the risk of non-genetic Parkinson’s disease, but that may change if UNSW chemists’ new machine-learning tool is validated.

satellite image of bushfire smoke off eastern australia

Photo: NASA/Shutterstock

Could plumes of smoke from the Black Summer of fire have cooled regions of the Pacific and triggered a La Niña? New research suggests it’s possible.

a woman moves under water breathing out bubbles

Photo: Engin Akyurt/Unsplash, CC BY

Deborah Levy’s new novel, set in our pandemic-era present, contains the heat and desire of a European summer and the upward struggle of a soul. Jane Gleeson-White says she ‘read it like a thriller’.

UNSW Kensington campus

The new funding will enable UNSW to leverage its strengths in energy, defence and nuclear education. Photo: UNSW.

The funding will enable new student places to build a future workforce with strong defence and nuclear technology capabilities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, discussions with peers played a large role in people’s decisions around vaccination, new research from UNSW Sydney shows.

Despite government intervention to reduce electricity prices, energy regulators indicate power bills will still increase this year.