UNSW biomedical engineer Melissa Knothe Tate is using previously top-secret semiconductor technology to zoom through organs of the human body, down to the level of a single cell.


No need to delay rotor cuff surgery, study finds

UNSW research has found waiting months for a stiff shoulder to settle down before surgery may not be necessary, offering thousands of Australians with painful rotator cuff injuries hope of a speedier recovery. 


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With the loss of government funding for Future Fellowships, we risk impeding the development of a generation of younger researchers and losing our highest achievers to other nations, writes Les Field.


Darren Curnoe

So are we still evolving? What kind of human beings will emerge in the future if we are? UNSW evolutionary biologist Darren Curnoe has the answers in UNSWTV’s new science series, How Did We Get Here? Read more...


L-R: Ian Jacobs, Malcom Turnbull, Sam Mostyn, Herbert Huppert

We are living through "the most excitingly disruptive time", says Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and we must view it as an opportunity if the nation is to prosper.



An image from the cover of James Donald's 'Some of These Days'

A record number of UNSW staff, students and alumni are appearing in this year’s Sydney Writers' Festival, tackling the theme “How to Live?”

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> Neil Warren

Professor of Taxation
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Taxation white paper
The taxation white paper sets out the case for an increase in Australia's rate of goods and services tax and cuts in income and company tax. UNSW Business School academics can analyse and discuss these and other issues. Professor Neil Warren, Associate Professor Dale Boccabella and Senior Lecturer Gordon Mackenzie are available to comment.

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation & Communication team members (L-R) Menno Veldhorst, Andrea Morello, Juha Muhonen and Andrew Dzurak. Photo: Paul Henderson-Kelly

Research breakthroughs in quantum computing have helped make UNSW one of the top three institutions in the country for high-quality science research publications, the latest Nature Publishing Index shows.


A person’s “psychological clock”, or innate tendency to focus more on the past, present or future, strongly influences how well they plan for retirement, a UNSW-led study shows.

UNSW’s Big Questions Institute is proud to partner with the Sydney Opera House and Cisco to present physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking in his first Australian talk live from Cambridge via the latest technology.



Tanya Dyhin - Rebirth (2015)

The Tampa incident and post-Cold War culture have provided rich inspiration for an academic-student pairing in the Redlands Art prize.


Daniel Chen and the Sunswift team.

A world-first online simulator that allows students to manufacture a solar wafer from scratch and race for maximum efficiencies has been launched, extending UNSW’s global leadership in the field.


Passionate about paleo or obsessed with organic? It might be time to reassess how you think about food, writes Rebecca Charlotte Reynolds.