Sydney Park Wetlands

Wetlands at Sydney Park. Photo: Supplied.

Engaging communities on water quality testing and stormwater management promotes cultural ownership and investment in sustainable water practices.

sven rogge stands with steel laboratory equipment

Scientia Professor Sven Rogge is the new Dean of Science at UNSW Sydney. Photo: UNSW Sydney

Scientia Professor Sven Rogge has been appointed Dean of Science following a lifelong passion for the discipline.

DNA gene helix spiral molecule structure

UNSW research has shown that a particular transposable element can control the immune system to favour host survival following virus infection. Image: Shutterstock.

UNSW research has uncovered a ‘jumping gene’ which is vital for quickly suppressing an immune response to infection after a virus clears the body.

Surfer surfs a wave Bondi beach

The ability to improve performance by working less doesn’t seem so far-fetched based on the evidence. Photo: Pexels

Evidence suggests a four-day work week can lead to better work-life balance. It is already the norm in some countries. Will Australia catch up? 

A hand is held just above rippling water

Photo: Yoann Boyer / Unsplash

What is ‘structured water’ (aka hexagonal water, EZ water, or H3O2)? You might see people advertising it, but it’s not a real thing.

Indigenous Australians in tribal gear perform in a ceremony

Dancers performing evening ceremonial Bungul at the Garma Festival in northeast Arnhem Land. Aaron Bunch/AAP Image

Australian Governments must embrace Indigenous Nation Building if the Uluru Statement is to lead to effective structural reform and self-determined government for First Nations peoples.

A man about to get a vaccine from a medical worker

The third-generation non-replicating vaccine is the preferred vaccine for monkeypox. Photo: Caroline Brehman/EPA/AAP

The third-generation vaccine has fewer potential side effects than second-generation vaccines and can be safely given to people with weakened immune systems.

Close up of two people shanking hands behind a door slightly ajar

Photo: The Conversation

Experts, and not those with deep pockets or connections, should be charged with making the decisions that affect us all.

A partnership between UNSW’s Gendered Violence Research Network and Commonwealth Bank is raising awareness around groups at greater risk of economic and financial abuse.

Toddlers playing with toys indoors

More families are choosing to live in apartments. Photo: Shutterstock.

Re-envisioning who belongs in apartments will contribute to better city planning, says an urban cultural geographer at UNSW.

Young child showing vision by strapping on a pair of wings, reaching for the sky.

"This list serves as an optimistic reminder of what’s possible, and who we need to support if we’re to truly achieve the brighter future we all deserve,” says David Swan. Photo: Shutterstock

From tech startups to platforms that make healthcare more accessible, UNSW alumni, students and staff feature as some of the movers and shakers in this year’s ‘Innovators 2022’ list.

UNSW and ACOSS partnership research report finds a widening gap between those who bought homes when they were affordable and those shut out of home ownership.

The University appears in 52 out of 54 research disciplines, making it equal first worldwide for the highest number of subjects ranked.

adriana verges measuring crawyeed at bondi

Marine ecologists from UNSW Sydney have pieced together the untold history of kelp forest management around the world. The findings will help us understand how we can bring this vital ecosystem back from the brink.