The inequality gap could widen to the ‘deserving’ and ‘undeserving poor’ if leaders aren’t courageous, says Centre for Social Impact CEO.

Poppy decoration next to the wall of fallen soldiers at the Australian War Memorial

Poppy decoration next to the wall of fallen soldiers at the Australian War Memorial. Image: Shutterstock

A book by a UNSW law academic reveals the authoritarian laws in Australia during WW1 and their modern parallels.

The ripple effects of COVID-19 on Indigenous family and domestic violence.

Protecting Indigenous communities from COVID-19 is crucial, as is ensuring the most vulnerable within these populations are supported.

UNSW expert warns recent legislation to protect against COVID-19 does not adequately consider the impact on Indigenous victims of family and domestic violence. 

drone above city

Governments around the world have been harnessing the potential of drones during the coronavirus pandemic. Image from Shutterstock

While 'good drones' have been valuable in this pandemic, using drones to embed new systems of surveillance could be a dangerous and slippery slope.


Van Gogh theft

Dr David Eastwood

Dr David Eastwood is available to comment on the theft of the Van Gogh painting from a Dutch Museum. Contact: Rachel Gray 0411 987 771


Associate Professor Caleb Kelly discusses the impact of and importance of sound in art galleries.

We're going to have to find more ways to connect with one another as physical distancing continues. Image: Shutterstock.

We're going to have to find more ways to connect with one another as physical distancing continues. Image: Shutterstock.

It is our collective responsibility to protect the most vulnerable from loneliness in the COVID-19 pandemic, says a social researcher from UNSW.

Finding new ways to keep in touch.

By focusing on the positive benefits - like a video date with family - people will be more excited about learning a new skill. Image: Shutterstock.

Professor of computer science and award-winning educator, Richard Buckland, shares his tips for helping less tech-savvy relatives adapt to socialising online – with as little tension as possible.

Parliament House in Canberra

"For decades we were told that small government is good government," A/Prof. David McKnight says.

The coronavirus emergency is a brutal reminder that we pay a price for deregulating society in pursuit of profit.

What happens to debt when you die?

When someone dies, all debts need to be collected and paid out of the deceased estate before anyone receives any benefits. Image: Shutterstock

Nothing is certain except for death and taxes. And even after death, taxes are one of the first liabilities to be paid off, but what about the rest of your debts?

Amy Ridge

UNSW Law student and Australian water polo representative Amy Ridge is disappointed about the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, but is staying motivated by stepping up her home training regime.

With the postponement and cancellation of most sporting activities in Australia, UNSW’s elite athletes have quickly adapted their training regimes to the home environment.

coronavirus testing

There are two different types of test that can detect COVID-19. Image from Shutterstock

The federal government has expanded the testing criteria beyond just returned travellers and those in contact with an infected person. But the new guidelines don't go far enough.


George Williams

Scientia Professor and Dean of UNSW Law, George Williams discusses many of the legal issues surrounding the Government and individuals during a pandemic.

Empty super market shelves

Panic buying during the COVID-19 pandemic has left supermarket shelves empty.

Other stakeholders need a seat at this table to decide matters of social equity and competitive significance.

Leading a virtual team

Leading a virtual team. Image source: Shutterstock

With organisations fast-tracking work from home for many employees as a result of COVID-19, there are 10 steps leaders can adopt to significantly improve their leadership skills in managing virtual teams.


Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Image: Flickr.

A team of world-class researchers and project staff from UNSW Sydney has been seconded to NSW Health to join the fight against COVID-19. 

UNSW lecturer Dr Rebecca Green on how infographics can cut-through the information overload and help save lives in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Young girl looking at phone

Young girl scrolling through a phone. Image: Videoblocks

When there is heightened anxiety around us, how do we talk to our youngest generation about it? Dr Ariana Krynen from UNSW Science gives her top tips on talking to children about crisis.

man in a maze

The coronavirus pandemic has made the world a much more puzzling place to live. Image from Shutterstock

When this feeling dawned on me years ago on one of many early morning drives to Canberra during my PhD, it was almost crippling.

A mother and child wear face masks during the COVID-19 outbreak.

A mother and child wear face masks during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We need to adopt a child-centred approach in this pandemic in order to reduce trauma levels.

The COVID-19 crisis highlights the vulnerable existence animals endure

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has advised that “to date, there is no evidence that companion animals can spread the disease". Photo: Shutterstock

Reports of companion animals starving or being killed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak highlight the vulnerable existence animals endure at the whim of humans.