A team from UNSW Medicine has launched a major women's health project in Uganda as part of a long-term initiative to improve the health of the community and provide ongoing training for nurses and midwives.


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Parental views have a big impact on the decisions that children make, write Drew Adams and Natalie Chapman, so it's vital that mums and dads support their daughters in STEM careers.


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Darren Curnoe reports on his recent excavation at the famous Niah Caves in Borneo.


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The CBA's response to AUSTRAC's claims means shareholders will be assisted in part of their class action claims but a lot still needs to be proved, write Michael Legg and James D Metzger.


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The staff at the award-winning UNSW Bookshop share their recommended reading lists for Christmas 2017.


Artist's impression of the core of a laser-ignited hydrogen-boron fusion reactor.

A laser-driven technique for creating fusion that dispenses with the need for radioactive fuel elements and leaves no toxic radioactive waste is now within reach, says a UNSW physicist.


Major General Michael Clifford

The University of New South Wales Canberra (UNSW Canberra) has awarded an honorary doctorate to the late Major General Michael Clifford AM CSC.

Ancient culture merges with cutting-edge technology in a game that takes users on a virtual journey through Torres Strait Islander culture.

Solange Cunin

Solange Cunin is the founder of Cuberider, an exciting initiative that helps school students launch their own experiments to the International Space Station.

A recent UNSW student in Aerospace Engineering and science, Solange is the founder of Cuberider an exciting initiative that helps school students launch their own experiments to the International Space Station. Solange has organised Australia’s first mission to the International Space Station, and remains the only Australian collaborator with her second payload currently on the ISS.


A Black-backed Oriole. Photo: Susan Schmoyer

The arrival of a single Black-backed Oriole bird in rural Pennsylvania – 5000 kilometres from its usual home in Mexico – was worth an estimated $US223,851 to the US economy from bird watchers flocking to see it.


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Jenny Buchan outlines the problems within franchising in Australia and internationally and shares a wish list of possible solutions.


Jessica Zinga's Sea Harvest. Photo: Supplied

Fish and chip packaging made of seaweed and a documentary about council clean-ups are among projects by UNSW design students at the Australian Design Centre’s Designing Bright Futures exhibition.


Unmanned drones, already used by many countries, are a step away from lethal autonomous weapons. Photo: Shutterstock

UNSW's Professor Toby Walsh has been nominated for a global award for his work alerting the world to the dangers of lethal autonomous weapons.