Following the rapid rise of 'sharing economy' services like AirBnB and Uber, entrepreneurs now have their sights set on turning unused driveways into a public parking option.

Bottlenose dolphins in Shark Bay

Bottlenose dolphins of Shark Bay, Western Australia. Credit: Ewa Krzyszczyk, Georgetown University

UNSW scientists have added to the growing body of research into genetic markers that are important for animal conservation.

Vivid Sydney 2019

The KA3323 light installation at the Royal Botanic Garden precinct during Vivid Sydney 2019. Credit: Destination NSW

UNSW students and staff showcase their passion, talents and imagination at Vivid Sydney 2019, with three installations that will encourage visitors to wonder and dream.

professor cameron holley

UNSW Law Professor Cameron Holley on implementing laws to save the future of our planet.

Get to Sleep Easy hospital bed

Health entrepreneurs have created a 'smart bed' to tackle preventable illnesses. 


Photo: Shutterstock

Two UNSW Business School academics say the support for violent, criminal and terrorist organisations often increases if they’re given opportunities to provide social services.

Randstad's Employer Brand Research Report ranks UNSW as the 15th most attractive place to work in Australia. 


Companion animals, sport animals and animals we use in agriculture are all affected by the rule of law, says Dr Siobhan O'Sullivan from UNSW’s School of Social Sciences.

Successful entrepreneurs need to be obsessive about their goals, comfortable with risk, and continuously educated according to Sinorbis co-founder & Professor of Practice at UNSW Business School, Nicolas Chu.


Eitan Muir characterises the band's sound as a feeling.

It is the first time a UNSW student ensemble has represented Australia in the Bucharest International Jazz Competition.

Aleutian Tern

Aleutian Terns breed in Alaska (USA) and east Siberia (Russia), and usually spend our summer in the North Pacific and parts of Indonesia. To experts’ surprise, they turned up at Old Bar. Credit: Liam Murphy

A group of birds that are not usually found in Australia attracted hundreds of birders to a relatively remote town on the north coast of NSW, resulting in a boost to the economy.

Diana Espiritu

UNSW Built Environment student Diana Espiritu spent her summer collaborating on a festival with an arts-based NGO in Cambodia. Photo: Diana Espiritu.

UNSW Built Environment student Diana Espiritu was excited by her time in Cambodia undertaking professional work placement with an artist-run organisation.

2019 UNSW Alumni Award winners: Prue Watt, Rebel Wilson and Kelvin Kong [From Left]

2019 UNSW Alumni Award winners: Prue Watt, Rebel Wilson and Kelvin Kong [From Left]

Hollywood actress, writer and producer Rebel Wilson, leading surgeon Associate Professor Kelvin Kong, and Paralympian Prue Watt OAM are among 13 star alumni to be celebrated at the 47th UNSW Alumni Awards.

Jessica Grisham

UNSW Professor Jessica Grisham explains the psychology behind hoarding disorder

Sea horses are among the marine animals that depend on the sea grasses for habitat.

Sea horses are among the marine animals that depend on the sea grasses for habitat.

On this year’s International Day of Biodiversity, we are showcasing some of our scientists who are working to safeguard our ecosystems – both far away and close to home.