Australia's unexpected move to nuclear submarines and the AUKUS alliance raises challenges with China and cost blowouts, say UNSW experts on defence and international relations.

A black and white spotted bird shown sitting on a branch

Regent honeyeaters are often found in vegetation along fences and roadsides. Photo: Shutterstock

Under a new code, rural landholders in NSW will be allowed to clear up to 25 metres of land outside their property boundary. This will be devastating for the wildlife that live or migrate there.

A homeless person sits on a platform overlooking a Melbourne street

Housing affordability in Australia, or lack thereof, means many struggle to stay above the poverty line. Photo: James Ross/AAP

Australia faces economic problems down the road if three big, structural reform areas – housing affordability, the tax mix, and decarbonisation – are not addressed.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, August 30 2021: Queues of people waiting to get coronavirus vaccine outside Peanut Farm St Kilda walk-in covid-19 vaccination clinic. Crowds of young people lining up.

Businesses have been called upon to help boost rates of vaccination in Australia. Photo: Shutterstock

As Australia edges closer to vaccination rollout targets needed to open international borders, big businesses have been stepping up. But is it their role to speed up a government plan? 


The NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence scheme provides support for teams of researchers to pursue collaborative research. Photo: Shutterstock.

UNSW has been awarded NHMRC funding to establish three new research centres for vascular dementia, the mitigation of airborne threats, and research into the impact of food systems on our health and environment.

So many climate models, so little time … A new way of measuring ocean temperatures helps scientists sort the likely from unlikely scenarios of global warming.

Dr Mandy Hagstrom

Dr Mandy Hagstrom, an exercise physiologist at the School of Medical Sciences, UNSW takes you through five exercises you can do at home without needing any gym equipment.

‘Tele Stroke’ puts a Sydney stroke specialist in the emergency department of a rural hospital to give patients vital early assistance.

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Strip away the sexy marketing and what you have is just another digital platform shifting legal responsibilities and risks.

child in classroom raising their hand, wearing a mask

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Most kids will be unvaccinated if schools in the two largest states re-open in term 4. There may still be community transmission, but there are measures we can take to shield kids from the virus.

Peter Gunning

A career-long focus on childhood and adult cancers has been a driving force for Professor Peter Gunning’s research. Photo: UNSW Sydney.

Professor Peter Gunning has been recognised by the Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology for his research which potentially impacts a broad range of diseases including childhood and adult cancers.

young afghan children leave an airport after leaving the country

Photo: Jose Luis Magana/AP

An ‘orderly departure program’ similar to the one set up after the Vietnam War could offer a vital pathway out of Afghanistan for refugees over the next several years.

Close-up of a bandicoot being held

The ultimate aim of the project is to release a smarter generation of bandicoots and other locally extinct mammals back into the wild. Photo: UNSW Sydney.

After more than a century, locally extinct bandicoots have returned to Sturt National Park. The nationally threatened species – known by local Aboriginal people as ‘talpero’ – once ranged across inland Australia. Now, a founding population of talpero have been reintroduced to the area by the team at Wild Deserts, a collaboration led by UNSW Sydney ecologists and Ecological Horizons with the National Parks and Wildlife Service of the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and Taronga Conservation Society Australia. Read the full story

People celebrate in Israel

Photo: Maya Alleruzzo/AP/AAP

Australia plans to begin relaxing restrictions once 70% of over-16s are fully vaccinated. But as Israel shows us, it’s likely not enough to reach herd immunity, especially with the Delta variant.

Woman looking depressed

Professor Richard Bryant says people get anxious at the start of lockdowns, then their coping resources get eroded over time. Photo: Shutterstock.

A UNSW expert on post-traumatic stress and anxiety explains why this year’s lockdown is affecting everyone – and especially vulnerable groups – differently.

kirby cells

In this video, watch how the SARS-CoV-2 virus takes over cells by ‘melting’ them into each other.

Researchers at UNSW Sydney’s Kirby Institute have developed cells that allow them to test the effect of SARS-CoV-2 faster than anywhere else in the world. 

The team, led by Associate Professor Stuart Turville, use these genetically “supercharged” cells to quickly understand the dynamics of different variants of the virus, to test their ability to evade vaccines, and to inform the public health response in real time.

The scientists have now shared microscopic footage of the process – in their incredible video, you can see the healthy supercharged cells being taken over by the SARS-CoV-2 virus over a 20-hour period.

woman at kitchen table looking exhausted

Photo: Shutterstock

Feeling exhausted, unable to concentrate and wanting to withdraw and disconnect from the world and those around you? You could be heading towards burnout.