A person scan QR code for contact tracing

Professor Raina MacIntyre examines National Cabinet's review into contact tracing. 

iPod shuffle and earphones with the word bias written on a sticky-note

Our emotional response to music could be pre-determined. Photo: Shutterstock.

The way we feel about music is shaped not only by the music itself but by our mindset, a new study shows.

Joe Biden hero image

US President-elect Joe Biden. Photo: Shutterstock.

A Biden presidency grappling with domestic discord could leave Australia out in the Indo-Pacific cold, says UNSW’s William Clapton.


Common consumer packaging such as coffee pods is a target of the new 'green aluminium' breakthrough at UNSW Sydney.

A recycling breakthrough at UNSW Sydney offers new possibilities for the re-purposing of polymer-laminated aluminium products, such as food and coffee packaging.

Only a small proportion of Sydney’s population were infected by SARS-CoV-2 earlier this year, a new report co-led by UNSW’s Kirby Institute says.


Dr Hayley Bates is working with Professor Mike Archer to save the endangered Moujntain Pygmy Possum using evidence from the fossil record of its ancestors.

The critically endangered mountain pygmy-possum could have its survival chances boosted if scientists succeed in moving the tiny animal from its alpine habitat to a warmer, lowland forest environment, a UNSW Sydney study suggests. If successful the project, led by UNSW researchers Professor Mike Archer and Dr Hayley Bates, could provide a template for saving other similarly threatened animals worldwide.

end gerrymandering protester

Photo: Reuters/Brendan McDermid

There's a sort-of natural law that ensures that where there are electorates some votes count more than others.

Professor Paul Curmi

Paul Curmi, pictured with an x-ray diffractometer for protein crystallography, has received an ERC grant.

In an Australian first, UNSW Sydney's Paul Curmi will use a European Research Council Synergy grant to develop an artificial biological molecular engine.

amager bakke power plant in copenhagen denmark

Amager Bakke power plant in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo: Shutterstock

Waste-to-energy incinerators could help Australia deal with its mounting waste crisis, but burning rubbish may come with risks to public health.