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29 October 14

A database developed at UNSW aims to identify the estimated 6,000 Irish-born enlistments in the Australian Army during WWI.

29 October 14

Since 2011, new direct reuse drinking water schemes have come online in the US and it's likely Australian regional communities will begin to emulate the trend, writes Stuart Khan.

29 October 14

Arts/Law graduate Sean Lau will explore the role of Christian ethics in public issues like responses to child abuse and climate change as the state’s newest Rhodes Scholar

29 October 14

Australians trust robots more than do the Japanese, rating the androids higher for likeability and intelligence, research by UNSW's Creative Robotics Lab has found.

28 October 14

The RET has been so successful it will easily achieve 28% by 2020. That means we should be setting higher, more ambitious targets, writes Stephen Bygrave.

28 October 14

The Renewable Energy Target needs a greater focus on encouraging technological breakthroughs, former Environment Minister Robert Hill has told a UNSW audience.

27 October 14

The University Council has considered the matter of divestment and resolved overwhelmingly to maintain UNSW’s current investment approach.

24 October 14

Gough Whitlam made us confident. Confident to be Australian, confident to be ourselves and confident to take on the world knowing who we are, writes Tim Harcourt.

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24 October 14

A unique carrier box that preserves hearts after they have stopped beating has allowed a UNSW-affiliated surgeon at St Vincent's Hospital to perform two world-first transplants.

23 October 14

UNSW engineering student and leader of the Sunswift solar car racing team Hayden Smith will discuss the importance of 'taking the wheel' and being part of something bigger, at TEDxUltimo.