08 February 2013
The chances of a woman surviving ovarian cancer and her quality of life during treatment could be significantly improved, with an international trial about to get underway in Sydney.
06 February 2013
When obese people diet, they often find it virtually impossible to lose weight. Now researchers have found the brain circuitry behind the phenomenon.
Practical outcomes ... Minister Butler, Prof Teesson and Minister Plibersek
31 January 2013
Solving some of the most pressing mental health issues affecting our community – substance abuse and suicide – is the focus of two Centres of Research Excellence, launched at UNSW by Ministers Tanya Plibersek and Mark Butler.
25 January 2013
Antidepressant use continues to rise yet the jury is still out on the drugs' effectiveness for the most common forms of depression, writes Scientia Professor Philip Mitchell.
23 January 2013
Harnessing genetic science to head off major depressive disorder, the world’s leading cause of disability, is fraught with controversy, writes Dr Alex Wilde.
22 January 2013
A compound originally designed to treat leukaemia could also be effective in preventing asthma.
Norovirus capsid
15 January 2013
UNSW researchers have discovered a strain of norovirus they warn could cause a severe epidemic of acute gastroenteritis in Australia this winter.
10 January 2013
A UNSW-affiliated researcher is one of six young people awarded Cancer Institute NSW grants to find new ways to help prevent and treat cancer.
07 January 2013
A world-first study is under way looking at the genetic predisposition of some people to become depressed after bereavement.
18 December 2012
Groundbreaking work on HIV, cardiovascular disease and improving patient safety are among the major UNSW research programs to be awarded funding by the National Health and Medical Research Council.
brain bipiolar
17 December 2012
Young people with a known genetic risk of bipolar disorder but no clinical signs of the condition show reduced reaction to facial emotions, a new brain imaging study has found.
14 December 2012
The burden of major depression and anxiety have each increased by 37 per cent in 20 years, according to the Global Burden of Disease report.
14 December 2012
Ketamine may be useful as an antidepressant in urgent situations – where the patient is seriously depressed and acutely suicidal – and where other treatments have failed, writes Colleen Loo.
12 December 2012
The challenge is to restore integrity and critical independence to research, while placing community interests above that of industry, write Adam Dunn, Ian Kerridge and Wendy Lipworth.
10 December 2012
Depression can be deadly. Asking for help, and enabling early intervention, can save lives, writes Kerryn Phelps.
newsroom crop
03 December 2012
Using a super-resolution fluorescent microscope, medical scientists are a step closer to understanding why and how human immune cells decide to activate or not, thus enabling or preventing disease taking hold in the body.
03 December 2012
As much as technology can improve the health system, it can also have deadly side effects, write Enrico Coiera and Farah Magrabi.
30 November 2012
Three decades after the onset of the AIDS pandemic, Australia’s leading HIV research body The Kirby Institute has been involved in every major breakthrough in world-wide HIV treatment and management.
29 November 2012
Three decades after the onset of the AIDS pandemic, Australia’s leading HIV research body The Kirby Institute is calling on ‘pos-neg’ couples to join the fight for HIV. prevention.
28 November 2012
Younger people are increasingly being diagnosed with dementia and UNSW researchers are undertaking the first known Australian study to investigate why.
28 November 2012
A new analysis suggests four – not seven – is the “magic” number easily processed by the brain, challenging a long-held view on what constitutes the limit to human perception.
21 November 2012
An epidemic of new cases of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in Australia has led UNSW researchers to embark on a world-first study to uncover the causes.
21 November 2012
In a world-first, UNSW researchers have developed a nanoparticle that could improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy for neuroblastoma by a factor of five.
20 November 2012
A new report prepared by UNSW's Dementia Collaborative Research Centre forecasts that three million Australians will develop dementia between 2012 and 2050.
19 November 2012
Stress-response systems in people with chronic fatigue syndrome are signalling to the body that it is not safe to relax, creating a state of high alert that can be likened to post-traumatic stress disorder, new research suggests.