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02 October 2012
At least one in three patients with depression won’t respond well to a series of treatments and specialists in the field have joined together to outline practical treatments to tackle the issue.
26 September 2012
Researchers are calling for new patient safety measures after an international review revealed critical diagnoses are being missed because health professionals are not following up test results.
18 September 2012
UNSW research shows a dramatic reduction in both depression and suicidal thoughts in patients who participated in a study involving internet cognitive behaviour therapy.
Philip Hogg and Pierre Dilda
18 September 2012
Human trials have begun on a groundbreaking anti-cancer drug, developed at UNSW, with the power to shrink tumours and potentially provide an alternative to chemotherapy.
12 September 2012
Construction has begun on a new $76 million cancer treatment and research facility following a sod-turning ceremony at the Prince of Wales Hospital.
10 September 2012
Drug policy is a difficult issue for politicians. But the longer they delay reform, or even discussion of reform, the more difficult it’s going to get, writes Alex Wodak.
Brain_Sciences_brain_digital rev
06 September 2012
Dr Jay Giedd, a visiting U.S adolescent brain expert, will deliver the keynote address at the Brain Sciences UNSW Symposium on how the digital revolution is changing the teenage brain.
03 September 2012
Female cosmetic genital surgery can carry many risks, and may best be replaced by reassurance of genital normality and exploration of non-surgical solutions to relieve body insecurities, writes Rebecca Deans.
Black Dog Institute Director, Professor Helen Christensen
28 August 2012
Australians are generally a happy bunch but suicidal thoughts plague four per cent of the population, according to the new Black Dog Index.
Professor Glenn Marshall
28 August 2012
Research into the biology of brain cancer by the Children’s Cancer Institute has been recognised as one of the top 10 medical research projects in Australia.
28 August 2012
Traditional Cook Islands medicines are playing a key role in the way researchers think about skin regeneration.
16 August 2012
The NSW Cancer Survivors Centre at UNSW will benefit from the Ride for Life fundraising cycling event in Sydney this weekend.
16 August 2012
Ten out of 11 patients with severe Tourette’s Syndrome have reported improvement after receiving deep brain stimulation surgery, UNSW research shows.
16 August 2012
An Australian study shows for the first time that people with substance use issues, who are frequently excluded from treatment for post traumatic stress, can benefit from psychological therapy.
14 August 2012
Close to half of the tests ordered by doctors on the day of a patient's discharge from hospital are not looked at again, UNSW research has found.
13 August 2012
The world’s most vulnerable people continue to face massive health challenges, writes Heather Worth.
08 August 2012
Research has found the brains of people with schizophrenia may be under attack by the immune system, with 40 per cent of patients shown to have increased inflammation.
08 August 2012
Teenagers who smoke cannabis weekly or more are twice as likely as non-users to have an anxiety disorder in their late 20s, even if they stop using, a study has found.
06 August 2012
The Michael J Fox Foundation is supporting Australian research into Parkinson's Disease led by Associate Professor Antony Cooper.
02 August 2012
UNSW’s expertise in mental health and substance abuse has once again been recognised with $5 million funding for two new Centres of Research Excellence.
02 August 2012
Australian researchers have used an electronic nose on the breath of patients to help diagnose aggressive lung cancer mesothelioma in its early stages.
The Lowy Cancer Research Centre at UNSW
24 July 2012
A test to predict the risk of relapse in children with leukaemia has won three UNSW researchers the Premier’s Award for Excellence in Translational Cancer Research.
23 July 2012
People with anxiety and depression can now receive mental health support on the go with the launch of a 24-hour mobile phone and iPad-based mood and behavioural monitoring tool.
18 July 2012
The findings of the CareTrack study highlight what we need to target if we want to lead the world in better health delivery, write the study's authors Bill Runciman and Jeffrey Braithwaite.
17 July 2012
Most people's anxiety about developing Alzheimer’s disease is reduced once they have undergone genetic testing, regardless of whether they have a family history of the illness, Australian researchers have found.