(l-r) Professors McGorry and Farrell with the Dean, Peter Smith
21 June 2013
Early intervention programs for young people with mental health issues could save lives, alleviate suffering and save millions of dollars a year, high-profile speakers have told an audience at the UNSW Medicine Dean’s lecture.
20 June 2013
Law enforcement still accounts for the lion's share of governments' spending on illicit drugs, according to the first comprehensive review in a decade.
UNSW's Andrea Herring shows Minister Plibersek the robotic mannequin
13 June 2013
Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has launched a state-of-the-art medical training facility at Liverpool Hospital.
Professor Peter Smith, Dean of UNSW Medicine
05 June 2013
The newly elected President of Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand has warned against politicians supporting new rural medical schools in the upcoming federal election campaign.
05 June 2013
It's frustrating that patients do not or aren't able to act on results showing their genetic risk factors for cancer, argues Robyn Ward.
04 June 2013
One in three people with newly diagnosed bowel cancer and a genetic predisposition to further cancers would still not take the necessary steps to prevent disease.
31 May 2013
Consumers are the strongest driver for change and innovation. Their voice has been suprisingly subdued about Australia’s public health system, but that could be about to change, writes Enrico Coiera.
29 May 2013
If reducing the numbers of Indigenous Australians in prison is to be achieved, then we need to invest more in research on alternatives, write Paul Simpson and Michael Doyle.
Professor Braithwaite with John Conde, Chairman Bupa Health Foundation Board
22 May 2013
Thousands of children with the most common health complaints, including asthma and diabetes, will be part of a UNSW study assessing the suitability of healthcare.
21 May 2013
Only two Australians were involved in the highest-level negotiations about what to include in the fifth edition of psychiatry’s bible the DSM – and both were from UNSW.
Bill Gates will speak at UNSW on Tuesday 28 May
17 May 2013
UNSW will today host Bill Gates, Microsoft founder and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He will take part in a special ABC Q&A program at the Clancy Auditorium, discussing investment in global health and development.
16 May 2013
Tackling premature death in Pacific Islanders caused by conditions such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease is the focus of a project funded by AusAID.
15 May 2013
Two academics have recently suggested that everyone with a mental illness could be violent. By doing so, they risk returning us to a time where the mentally ill were isolated and stigmatised, writes Olav Nielssen.
09 May 2013
Two UNSW researchers are among 11 world experts to have addressed the US Congress as part of President Obama’s initiative to map the human brain.
30 April 2013
Dozens of new drugs and poisons will be approved for use in Australia this year and medical toxicologist Nick Buckley is worried some could be deadly.
19 April 2013
A simple self-test increases the accuracy of bipolar disorder diagnosis and improves quality of life, researchers at the Black Dog Institute have found.
19 April 2013
The DSM-5 is not above criticism, but is probably the best manual of mental disorders we are likely to get, writes Perminder Sachdev.
16 April 2013
Contrary to conventional wisdom, short-term hearing loss after exposure to loud noise does not reflect damage to our hearing but the body’s way of coping.
12 April 2013
Dementia isn’t inevitable and simple lifestyle changes in middle age are still the best way to keep the disease at bay.
11 April 2013
Two UNSW partnerships focusing on the mental well-being of rural children and people with intellectual disabilities have won significant federal government funding.
09 April 2013
Scientia Professor Henry Brodaty has made a key contribution to the future shape of Australia’s health and medical research, as a member of the McKeon Review.
09 April 2013
There are already encouraging signs that Medicare Locals are starting to deliver results. But if they’re axed, Australia could be derailing its path to a more equitable health system, write Mark Harris, Elizabeth Harris and Nick Zwar.
05 April 2013
UNSW Conjoint Professor Boris Martinac has been elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to science.
03 April 2013
Widespread confusion about what constitutes grief, ‘normaI’ depression and clinical depression risks being exacerbated under psychiatry's new classification system, Scientia Professor Gordon Parker warns.
28 March 2013
One in four elderly people with mild cognitive impairment – a precursor to dementia – naturally ‘reverts’ to normal cognition, UNSW research shows.