20 November 2012
A new report prepared by UNSW's Dementia Collaborative Research Centre forecasts that three million Australians will develop dementia between 2012 and 2050.
19 November 2012
Stress-response systems in people with chronic fatigue syndrome are signalling to the body that it is not safe to relax, creating a state of high alert that can be likened to post-traumatic stress disorder, new research suggests.
Professor Ken Hillman
16 November 2012
The speciality of intensive care has a responsibility to begin a discussion about the limitations of modern medicine and the inevitability of ageing and dying, writes Kenneth Hillman.
12 November 2012
Results of a vaccination program in newborns in the Northern Territory suggest chronic hepatitis B infection could be on the way out in Australia, a Kirby Institute study has found.
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07 November 2012
Researchers are using online cognitive behavioural therapy to help people get more sleep.
06 November 2012
A study into use of the federal government’s healthdirect telephone advice line raises questions over whether the line is the best use of finite health dollars.
06 November 2012
Researchers are urging doctors to prioritise bone health care when considering bariatric surgery.
CancerSurvivorsCentre 016
06 November 2012
The NSW Cancer Survivors Centre has received a cheque for $205,810 from the Dry July campaign to help patients cope with the challenges they face after cancer treatment.
01 November 2012
A UNSW-led soccer initiative designed to improve social cohesion for young refugees, is now part of an after-school care program.
30 October 2012
An increase in deaths from prescription painkillers is alarming, but the problem does not arise from one simple cause and a single intervention won't offer a solution, argues Louisa Degenhardt.
26 October 2012
The complexity of genetic mutations responsible for pancreatic cancer means patients may need individual diagnoses and treatments, Australian research shows.
26 October 2012
Once again, overdose deaths from opioids are increasing in Australia. And once again, we are in danger of ignoring effective, evidence-based interventions, argues Alex Wodak.
26 October 2012
It’s normal to have recurring waves of grief after the loss of a loved one but prolonged, severe grief requires treatment, writes Richard Bryant.
23 October 2012
The UNSW-affiliated medical research centre, the Ingham Institute, has officially opened in Sydney.
22 October 2012
The new Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing will help tackle an illness that is the nation’s third leading cause of death, dementia.
19 October 2012
Studies into the effectiveness of reduced doses of HIV therapy and healthy brain ageing are among UNSW projects to receive major backing in the latest round of medical research funding.
17 October 2012
Australia has recorded a 50 per cent spike in new HIV diagnoses in a decade and a re-invigoration of prevention approaches is needed to drive down new cases, annual data show.
Hand holding red AIDS ribbon
17 October 2012
An urgent revision of HIV prevention practices is required in Australia, warn the authors of an annual report of trends in behavior.
16 October 2012
A successful home care program pioneered by UNSW researchers that supports vulnerable mothers from pregnancy until their child turns two is now being implemented around the world.
Ecstasy pill
09 October 2012
Ecstasy appears to be making a comeback among regular drug users, mirroring a global trend, according to the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre.
Professor Louisa Degenhardt
08 October 2012
Opiate substitution treatments can help reduce the risk of HIV transmission in people who inject drugs, researchers say.
04 October 2012
The latest data on the number of deaths in Australia from heroin and other opioid use shows a worrying upward trend, according to UNSW researchers.
04 October 2012
Surely it would be irresponsible to do anything but continue down the path of making cycling safer. Keeping helmets and building more cycleways is unquestionably the way to go, write Jake Olivier, Scott Walter and Raphael Grzebieta.
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02 October 2012
At least one in three patients with depression won’t respond well to a series of treatments and specialists in the field have joined together to outline practical treatments to tackle the issue.
26 September 2012
Researchers are calling for new patient safety measures after an international review revealed critical diagnoses are being missed because health professionals are not following up test results.