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Photo: Daniel Chen/Glenn Ong
1 December 14

UNSW's world record-smashing Sunswift turns to crowd-funding to realise its dream – Australia's first road legal solar car.

1 December 14

Indigenous Australians' astronomical knowledge is revealing an intellectual complexity in indigenous traditions that has gone largely unrecognised, writes Duane Hamacher.

1 December 14

Future historians may well come to see 2014 as a bellwether year in international affairs, marking an epochal shift to a new, more turbulent world order, writes Alan Dupont.

1 December 14

Sydney schoolgirls, with the help of UNSW scientists, have identified a solution to the annual problem of Christmas trees turning brown and dying before festivities end.

1 December 14

Party 'rats' have no mandate from voters and should give up their seats rather than turn independent, writes George Williams.

1 December 14

The biggest swing factor in the budgetary outlook is not the terms of trade, but labour productivity. And it is arguably the factor that’s hardest to predict, writes Richard Holden.

1 December 14

If we continue to exaggerate the impact of superficially tough and expensive responses to illicit drugs, it will only ensure our continued failure to tackle drug harm, write Nicholas Cowdery and Alex Wodak.

The letters H I V
28 November 14

The Kirby Insitute at UNSW has launched a feasibility study to examine whether HIV negative people can take combination drug therapy to reduce their risk of acquiring the virus.

28 November 14

Can we really run the clock backwards and find the optimal way to eat, asks Darren Curnoe.

27 November 14

Overweight people experience much more stigma in their daily lives than previously realised, with parents, friends and partners a common source of negative comments, research shows.