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14 July 14

The proposed takeover of David Jones by the South African-based Woolworths highlights problems with Australian regulations, writes Michael Peters.

11 July 14

Art student Mike Barnard’s subtle portrait of his dying mother,You Beautiful Fighter, has won him a finalist spot in the Archibald Prize alongside a string of UNSW alumni.

11 July 14

If the Abbott government wants to cut long-term power costs, it should consider ramping up rather than weakening the Renewable Energy Target, write Peerapat Vithayasrichareon, Iain MacGill and Jenny Riesz.

10 July 14

Why is the Archibald Portrait Prize so popular, asks Prudence Gibson.

9 July 14

On the eve of the International Conference on Japanese Language Education, convenor Chihiro Thomson discusses UNSW's Japanese Studies program, which enrols 1,000 students each year.

9 July 14

The world has an obligation to help the Pacific Islands conserve their unique ecosystems which are a vital reservoir of biodiversity and source of natural resources, says Richard Kingsford.

9 July 14

The migration of tropical fish as a result of ocean warming poses a serious threat to the temperate areas they invade, because they overgraze on kelp forests and seagrass, a UNSW-led study concludes.

9 July 14

Genetic mutations that affect our blood cells' haemoglobin are the most common of all mutations. Finding an effective treatment would eliminate the need for lifelong blood transfusions, writes Merlin Crossley.

Sunswift eVe put through its paces at Sydney Dragway prior to the record attempt. (Photo credit: Daniel Chen and Glenn Ong)
9 July 14

A team of UNSW students will challenge a 26-year-old world record on Wednesday to prove their electric car meets the needs of Australia's driving public.

8 July 14

Producing medicinal cannabis in Tasmania would not only help many Australians in need but also create a new and invaluable industry, writes Dr Alex Wodak.