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13 November 14

Whether fashion is art; whether the art world is now all about fashion are questions much less interesting than the immediacy, provocation and pleasure we gain from fashion exhibitions, writes Sally Gray.

12 November 14

The Rosetta spacecraft’s mission to land on the surface of a comet has captured the imagination of the world, and the anxious attention of Australian space engineer Sean Tuttle, who oversaw the implementation of the craft’s thermal design

12 November 14

The latest anonymously published scientific satire – Duronimus Karlof, Critical Mass – successfully ridicules big science and research politics while demonstrating that sometimes bold ideas deliver, writes Merlin Crossley.

12 November 14

Pill testing kits or booths at venues where pills are known to be consumed could inform users about the content of illicit drugs, writes Alison Ritter.

Oxford ragwort
12 November 14

Weeds in the UK are still evolving hundreds of years after their introduction and are unlikely to have reached their full potential as invaders, UNSW scientists have discovered.


12_Art Gallery
12 November 14

There is no reason to confine iconic architecture to the CBD, and every reason to think on a grand scale when planning infrastructure for the majority of Sydney’s population, writes Joanna Mendelssohn.

11 November 14

UNSW researchers have had another stellar year at the Young Tall Poppy Awards for leading scientists, winning five of the 10 prizes for 2014 – the best result of any university.

Dr Simon Graham
11 November 14

Work by PhD graduate Dr Simon Graham to encourage Indigenous boys to be tested for sexually transmissable diseases is having a positive impact in Aboriginal communities aross NSW.

11 November 14

A new initiative is linking all first-year Co-op scholars with successful alumni from the prestigious industry scholarship program, helping to boost connections and career prospects

11 November 14

The G20 Leader’s Summit is in many ways a company retreat, and is about as hackable as a dinner party, write Tom Apperley and Robbie Fordyce.