Science & Technology

14 January 2014
Marine ecologists in Sydney have restored a once thriving seaweed species, which vanished along a stretch of the city’s coastline during the 1970s and 80s.
13 January 2014
UNSW experts are at the centre of a debate about whether the controversial practice of geo-engineering has a place in the fight against global warming.
10 January 2014
Urgent action is needed to protect large carnivores, such as the Australian dingo, from the “unforseen” environmental consequences that will accompany further declines in their numbers, an international team of ecologists has warned. 
08 January 2014
UNSW Professor Chris Turney and his team answer some commonly asked questions about the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, whose research vessel became trapped in ice in December.
06 January 2014
It is not an inability to understand science that undermines its power: it is the ability to deny it whenever it involves inconvenient truths, writes Merlin Crossley. 
04 January 2014
Professor Chris Turney, leader of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, says his critics are wrong: the team was prepared, the risks were known, and much was achieved.
03 January 2014
On average, more people die each year in rip currents in Australia than from bush fires, floods, cyclones and sharks combined. Rob Brander explains how beachgoers can keep safe this summer.
01 January 2014
Global average temperatures will rise at least 4°C by 2100 if carbon dioxide emissions are not reduced, according to new UNSW research published in Nature.
19 December 2013
A good strategy for choosing what to study at university is to take courses you enjoy and that keep your options open, writes Merlin Crossley.
16 December 2013
The temperature can get below minus 93 degrees on an Antarctic ridge near Dome A, where UNSW scientists operate an astronomical observatory, writes Michael Ashley.
Dr Matthew Garratt with Governor General Quentin Bryce and Spitfire Association Vice-President and former pilot Joseph Lysle Roberts.
16 December 2013
With support from WWII Spitfire pilots, UNSW Canberra researchers are improving the vision of unmanned micro air vehicles.
13 December 2013
There is no better time to be an entrepreneur in Australia. UNSW is doing its part, producing more millionaire graduates and successful technology start-ups than any other Australian university.
Vanessa Ung
10 December 2013
Computer science student Vanessa Ung has been selected for a prestigious summer internship at the Sydney Google offices.
09 December 2013
We live in an unprecedented time in human history where the limits to population growth and economic development are in clear sight, write Bruce Henry and Isaac Donnelly.
09 December 2013
Earlier this year, Queensland scientists launched a $14 million scramjet in Norway that didn't reach the conditions required to collect data as planned. But was it a failure? Absolutely not, argues Russell Boyce.
Team Confufish
05 December 2013
A team of UNSW engineering students has been awarded a $50,000 Microsoft Imagine Cup grant for an idea that will help charities distribute food more efficiently.
03 December 2013
Marine scientist Professor Emma Johnston is co-starring in Coast Australia, a new television series exploring the country’s coastline and telling the stories of the people and wildlife living there.
03 December 2013
Australia’s investment in science is going backwards and will drive the nation’s best and brightest towards better opportunities offshore, the Australian Academy of Science has warned.
02 December 2013
Cylindrical shaped nanoparticles are seven times more deadly than traditional spherical ones when delivering drugs to breast cancer cells, an international team of researchers has discovered.
02 December 2013
Inspired by Sir Douglas Mawson’s Antarctic expedition almost exactly a century ago, two UNSW Scientists have set off on a modern-day voyage to retrace the route taken by the Australian scientist and explorer. BLOG
jorgen randers
02 December 2013
Leading international and Australian experts on economics, the environment and carbon trading will gather at UNSW next week for a symposium on Limits to Growth.
29 November 2013
One of the world’s strangest animals – a legless, leaping fish that lives on land –uses camouflage to avoid attacks by predators such as birds, lizards and crabs, new research shows.
28 November 2013
Engineering student and Space Leadership Scholarship winner Eren Gorur is helping drive Australia into a new, more secure era of space research.
28 November 2013
Winemakers will gain new insight into the micro-organisms in their ferments thanks to a new a research partnership between the Australian Wine Research Institute and UNSW’s Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics.
27 November 2013
Rip currents claim more lives in Australia on average each year than bushfires, floods, cyclones and sharks combined, UNSW research shows.