Science & Technology

Associate Professor Maurice Pagnucco, Head of the School of Computer Science and Engineering (Front page image - credit iStock photo)
19 August 2013
A new review shows UNSW leads Australian universities in the number of graduates who have founded technology start-ups in the last 15 years.
15 August 2013
Wildlife photography acts as a torch, shining a light onto the face of extinction so that extraordinary species are not lost to the darkness. But it is then up to the rest of us to act and make a change, writes Dustin Welbourne. 
14 August 2013
Vigorous public debate about internet surveillence is crucial if we are to safeguard citizens' rights while meeting the reasonable needs of security agencies, writes Srikumar Venugopal.  
14 August 2013
For sea squirts the key to a long and happy life is to be fertilised not by a fast sperm, but by one that stands the test of time, a study has revealed. 
Sunswift's fifth generation car eVe unveiled at UNSW
12 August 2013
A team of UNSW students re-imagining the future of solar-powered vehicles has unveiled its new-look racer in Sydney.
12 August 2013
Computing lecturer and avid proponent of open education Richard Buckland has been recognised with a national award for teaching excellence.
08 August 2013
The first Muslim woman to hold office in an Australian parliament has been honoured in the annual Women in Engineering Awards. 
07 August 2013
Massive open online courses will improve university teaching by revealing how well students engage and by allowing lecturers to assess different approaches, writes Merlin Crossley.
07 August 2013
An evening of science and humour with some of the world’s top online science communication celebrities – including Facebook phenomenon, Elise Andrew – will be a highlight of National Science Week.
06 August 2013
A UNSW spinoff company with a promising optical sensor technology has declined a $10 million Chinese offer to move offshore, opting instead to pursue their start-up dream in Australia.
05 August 2013
There is a hole in the Australian public administration where a space agency should be, writes Andrew Dempster.
02 August 2013
A major new fossil site has been discovered by UNSW scientists beyond the boundaries of the famous Riversleigh World Heritage area in north-western Queensland. 
02 August 2013
UNSW researchers are finalists in nine categories of the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes, including an innovative project demonstrating the importance of dingoes to sustaining Australian biodiversity. VIDEO
02 August 2013
Labels like those that identify 'dolphin-safe' tuna are a great starting point, but consumers should remember not all eco-labelled products are created equal, writes James Smith. 
01 August 2013
The UNSW Chemical Society will celebrate its centenary this week with a special meeting –traditonally called a “conversazione”– to be addressed by the Vice-Chancellor.
31 July 2013
Slight changes in the timing of the annual loss of sea-ice could have dire consequences for polar ecosystems, by allowing a lot more sunlight to reach the sea floor, a new study shows.
31 July 2013
The MOOCs revolution is not expected to make the campus experience any less desirable. Rather, it forces universities to focus on their core competence, write Sean Gallagher and Geoffrey Garrett.
Professor Richard Kingsford, Director of the Australian Wetlands, Rivers and Landscapes Centre
29 July 2013
The environmental impact of an approved $47 million water pipeline from the Macquarie River to the city of Orange has been underestimated by the initial environmental assessment, UNSW researchers say.
26 July 2013
UNSW will offer Australia’s only graduate program in nuclear engineering, with support from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.
25 July 2013
Resettling refugees in PNG has the potential to create a class of traumatised individuals who arrive without family or support services to meet their intense needs, writes Belinda Liddell.
Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
24 July 2013
In the absence of time-travelling climatologists, models are unrivalled tools for understanding future climate, even when news ones predict wider uncertainties, write Sophie Lewis and Sarah Perkins.
23 July 2013
People eat more from larger portions, even when they are not particularly hungry and even when the food doesn't taste very good, writes Lenny Vartanian.
23 July 2013
Two tiny fossils are prompting an overhaul of theories about marsupial evolution after they revealed unexpected links to South America - and possibly Africa.
22 July 2013
It’s hard to imagine a future without fossil fuel, but it is possible and sound modelling can help us get there, writes Jenny Riesz.
Dr Nina Narodytska from UNSW and NICTA
19 July 2013
A UNSW scientist who solved a long-standing computational problem has cracked a prestigious list of up-and-coming artificial intelligence (AI) researchers.