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09 January 2013
The giant garbage patches in our oceans will continue to grow for hundreds of years even if no more is added - and our garbage has made its way into every ocean in the world, according to startling new research.
merlin op ed
22 December 2012
The city is teeming with wildlife, so look and listen, urges Merlin Crossley.
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21 December 2012
Not only is water associated with the formation of life, but extraterrestrial water can help us better understand the origin of water on Earth and its distribution within our planetary system, writes Lucyna Kedziora-Chudczer.
20 December 2012
One of the closest stars to Earth, Tau Ceti, may host five planets, an international team of astronomers has discovered.
19 December 2012
For her patented technology using waste plastic and recycled tyres to make 'green steel', Professor Veena Sahajwalla has won the top prize in the Innovation Challenge awards.
Scientia Professor Aibing Yu
18 December 2012
UNSW has secured funding for one of six new Australia-China Joint Research Centres, designed to meet the many challenges facing the minerals, metallurgy and materials industries in both countries.
18 December 2012
Researchers and firefighters have long speculated that fire tornadoes might exist. Now we know they do, write Jason Sharples and Rick McRae.
13 December 2012
A new Australian–US research institute led by UNSW will foster rapid development of “over the horizon” photovoltaic technology and establish Australia as the solar cell research hub of the Asia-Pacific.
13 December 2012
The idea that homosexuality arises not out of traditional genetics but out of epigenetics might, in time, shake up the science of sex differences and our understanding of how gender arises, writes Rob Brooks.
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12 December 2012
The model for assessing research excellence in Australia unfairly favours smaller players and fails to recognise larger universities' genuine strengths, argues Merlin Crossley.
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10 December 2012
UNSW has hosted its inaugural Postdoctoral Academy Awards for researchers in Medicine, Science and Engineering whose names don’t often get up in lights.
07 December 2012
A UNSW laser invention that detects explosive vapour 100 times faster than any existing device could revolutionise airport security and put bomb sniffer dogs out of a job.
05 December 2012
We're due to endure months of chatter about Royal babies and morning sickness. But there is an evolutionary tale to tell, writes Rob Brooks.
Angry woman
30 November 2012
With intense positive and negative emotions intrinsically linked by overlapping brain systems, it may be that these emotions are more difficult to discriminate than originally thought, writes Amy Reichelt.
30 November 2012
UNSW will host a lecture to be delivered by one of today's leading authorities on computer science, Professor Christos H. Papadimitriou, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the father of modern computer science, Alan Turing.
29 November 2012
Science alone is not enough to swing the pendulum of public opinion towards supporting policy that will slow the quickening pace of climate change, argues Ben Newell.
26 November 2012
Fossils found in Queensland have added another gigantic creature to Australia’s prehistoric mammals, writes Karen Black.
Prof Ian Chubb with Elizabeth Finkel
23 November 2012
Australia's best science writers have been recognised at the inaugural Bragg UNSW Press Prize for Science Writing hosted by New South Publishing.
Professor Richard Kingsford
23 November 2012
There remains some unfinished business if the community is to be assured that the problem is solved and sustainable management of the rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin is guaranteed, writes Richard Kingsford.
Professor Rob Brooks
23 November 2012
Family life just got even more interesting. And just in time for Christmas, writes Rob Brooks.
21 November 2012
Fatigue is one of the most intractable road-safety problems. At least as many deaths on our roads road are caused by fatigue as by drink-driving, probably more, writes Ann Williamson.
Crossley_Merlin 2
21 November 2012
Specialisation and focus is critical and individual scholars sometimes fall in love with their discipline. This can be very good but it can also be bad, writes Merlin Crossley.
20 November 2012
The diverse and surprising ways we use human intelligence today suggest that we owe it to more than a handful of simplistic evolutionary scenarios, argues Rob Brooks.
nano tech crop
19 November 2012
Transistors have continued shrinking, but how much further can they go, asks Adam Burke.
bulb science
15 November 2012
Five distinguished UNSW researchers have been recognised for excellence across three very different categories in this year's New South Wales Scientist of the Year awards.