Social Affairs

John Della Bosca speaking at UNSW
13 April 2012
Former NSW Minister, John Della Bosca, has told a UNSW conference the war on drugs has failed, calling for a drug summit to reassess Australia’s approach to drug policy.
Charlotte Wood
10 April 2012
Animal People, a novel exploring human-animal relationships, has won PhD student and author, Charlotte Wood, a spot on the Miles Franklin Literary Award long-list.
10 April 2012
Why is it still so hard to talk about female beauty without defaulting to patriarchal stereotypes, asks Catharine Lumby.
10 April 2012
It's just as important to have the skills to know how to interpret and make use of the ever-proliferating range of data, writes Jenny Stewart.
Man on top of stack of books
05 April 2012
UNSW has strengthened its affiliation with the Sydney Writers' Festival, becoming a major partner of the iconic literary event.
03 April 2012
The inaugural National Indigenous Youth Parliament marks a new milestone for Indigenous voting rights in Australia, write Jo Coghlan and Scott Denton.
Anthony Biillingsley
03 April 2012
The chance of success for Kofi Annan's plans in Syria is slender. Should his initiatives fail, the crisis could become catastrophic, writes Anthony Billingsley.
Professor Alan Dupont
30 March 2012
Defence Minister Stephen Smith needs to provide strategic direction to his department in order to regain the respect of the defence force, argues Professor Alan Dupont.
29 March 2012
The unemployed are worse off now in real terms than 15 years ago and are falling further behind, according to a new analysis by Professor Peter Whiteford.
29 March 2012
Australia’s military must re-evaluate its role post Afghanistan or risk failing to adapt to new international challenges, leading security analyst Professor Alan Dupont warns.
28 March 2012
City farming is growing worldwide as people try to reconnect with nature and ease concerns about food shortages. But there's a lot more to be done to make agriculture a viable feature of Australian life.
US Forces in Iraq
26 March 2012
Continuing bomb attacks in Iraq show sectarian tensions have not been resolved in the wake of the US military withdrawal and could be a portent of more upheaval to come, warns Dr Anthony Billingsley.
Rory Medcalf and Professor Alan DuPont
19 March 2012
The viability of Australia’s strategy to sustain good relations with India and China has been debated in a public lecture by security expert, Rory Medcalf.
Ugandan boy
19 March 2012
The Kony 2012 campaign suggests that human rights action is only a click away, but social media vigilantism will never replace the rule of law, argue Louise Chappell and Rosemary Grey.
13 March 2012
Learning Indonesian should be a national priority argues Jo Coghlan, yet undergraduate enrolments in the subject have plunged by 70 percent.
Professor Jenny Stewart
05 March 2012
Mainstream Christian churches face a particular challenge getting their message out in Australia's highly secularised society, writes Jenny Stewart.
Rosemary Grey
02 March 2012
Research into gender-based crimes has secured PhD student Rosemary Grey an invitation to a prestigious Hague Symposium on international justice.
01 March 2012
The Airport Economist, Tim Harcourt, says to analyse the electorate one only has to spend time at Sydney airport.
24 February 2012
Australia's decades-long counter-insurgency military strategy has been a failure, argues Alan Stephens.
23 February 2012
PhD student and documentary producer, Sanaz Fotouhi, has created Australia’s first Persian Film Festival to challenge cultural misconceptions.
17 February 2012
The prospect of having all significant Australian newspapers controlled by just two individuals suggests a bleak outlook for the coverage of political debate, argues David McKnight.
14 February 2012
The transformative power of dance and theatre will be central to a new global campaign targeting gender violence, playwright and activist, Eve Ensler announced at UNSW’s annual human rights lecture.
01 February 2012
The recent bloodshed in Syria reflects a history of incompetence on the part of the Arab League, says Anthony Billingsley.
31 January 2012
Gandhi’s lifelong fight against British Imperialism bears similarity to Indigenous Australia’s push for constitutional recognition, Professor Patrick Dodson told an audience at UNSW's inaugural Gandhi Oration.
Williams_George (15)
31 January 2012
Only political negligence can kill off the historical referendum on Indigenous recognition, writes Professor George Williams.