Social Affairs

Jo Coghlan
23 July 2012
With the Green’s now contesting almost all local, state and federal seats and steady increases in its primary vote, Labor should be worried about getting into two-party races with them, writes Jo Coghlan.
19 July 2012
Despite being a late starter, Australia stands a 50/50 chance of being elected to the United Nations Security Council, former NZ Ambassador to the UN, Colin Keating, has told a UNSW audience.
18 July 2012
A recent report had cycling rates in Australia declining over the past 25 years. But a re-analysis of the data shows a very different result, according to UNSW experts.
17 July 2012
We will continue to live with ongoing alcohol-related violence unless we reduce alcohol availability, ban alcohol advertising and increase its price, argues Anthony Shakeshaft.
05 July 2012
Like dancing and singing, humour is another means for pollies to connect with the people although, like explosives, it can be difficult to handle, writes Mark Rolfe.
02 July 2012
The time has come for every Australian man to take the issue of violence against women seriously, and to stand up against sexual violence in his community, writes Chloe Angyal.
28 June 2012
The world should bypass the UN because it is politically paralysed, argues Ned Dobos.
26 June 2012
After the latest boat disaster, the coalition and the Greens must rethink their position, writes Clive Kessler.
26 June 2012
The largest study ever undertaken in Australia to investigate the production and consumption of recycled water will be led by the Journalism and Media Research Centre.
21 June 2012
Gina Rinehart will face a journalistic workforce with a history of pushing back against attempts to interfere with journalism, writes David McKnight.
20 June 2012
The discovery of a forgotten collection of banned books by UNSW Canberra’s Nicole Moore brings to life the colourful history of Australian censorship.
Professor Peter Whiteford
20 June 2012
The Prime Minister is selling the Schoolkids Bonus as extra help for families, but is it good policy, ask Peter Whiteford and Gerry Redmond.
19 June 2012
NATO must adapt to “globalised” security challenges such as cyber warfare, piracy and climate change, Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has told a UNSW audience.
15 June 2012
The heart of Irish Sydney, Bondi Beach, will become the centre of annual Bloomsday celebrations for the first time this weekend at an event hosted by UNSW.
12 June 2012
The ethics of the way the mainstream media deals with sex workers has undoubtedly helped papers sell a skewed perception of the Thomson affair, writes Catharine Lumby.
12 June 2012
The media has neglected the impact of the Craig Thomson saga on the Abbott-led Opposition, writes Jo Coghlan.
Professor James Weirick
06 June 2012
Between the mediocrity of the ACT government and the impotence of the NCA, the fate of one of the greatest planned capitals of the 20th century hangs in the balance, writes James Weirick.
04 June 2012
Australian attitudes towards people with a disability are still largely negative, a Social Policy Research Centre project has found.
04 June 2012
While the international community seems unwilling to use force against President Assad, some glimmers of hope for action are emerging, writes Anthony Billingsley.
30 May 2012
Expelling diplomats is the last resort of an international community outraged by ongoing genocide in Syria, writes Jo Coghlan.
22 May 2012
Craig Thomson has been playing the media game all along, including his statement to parliment yesterday, writes Mark Rolfe.
21 May 2012
A UNSW study of strata titled homes has found there are major problems with strata living, as 85 per cent of owners surveyed reported defects in new buildings.
Jesmyn Ward reads from Salvage the Bones (Credit: Catherine McElhone)
18 May 2012
Award-winning novelist Jesmyn Ward has described how surviving Hurricane Katrina inspired her latest book at a Sydney Writers’ Festival event hosted by UNSW.
15 May 2012
Australia’s approach to alcohol taxation is riddled with inconsistencies. It's time to scrap the current operating system in favour of a new, more efficient one, writes Anthony Shakeshaft and Josh Byrnes.
15 May 2012
We must foster the next generation of teachers for the sake of future students, writes Michele Bruniges.