Social Affairs

25 October 2012
Historian Dr Lisa Ford has been awarded the prestigious Max Crawford Medal for her contributions to enriching the cultural life of Australia.
24 October 2012
Early intervention to prevent homelessness could save taxpayers millions of dollars, an Australian-first study has found.
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24 October 2012
Training people in disciplines they have no aptitude for or interest in is a waste of public money and countless professional lives, writes Cathy Sherry.
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23 October 2012
Australians may be cutting back carbon-intensive activities, but until the government is more transparent about emission cuts there’s no way to check, writes Sarah Waddell.
22 October 2012
A soccer program for young refugees is helping to promote social inclusion, according to a new study.
22 October 2012
If Australia is truly to ''do what it said'', it needs bolder policy positions to take to the UN Security Council, writes Jeni Whalan.
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22 October 2012
Australia will need to stake out an independent position on matters that come before the Security Council while developing a national approach to the global agenda, writes Anthony Burke.
19 October 2012
Anne Summers has used a UNSW speech to renew her call for a halt to the gender-based “hatred and vitriol” directed at Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
18 October 2012
How our politicians view the world has a direct impact on people's everyday lives, writes Lindy Edwards.
18 October 2012
We need to move on from saying “drugs are bad” and start looking at new ways of dealing with drugs in sport, argues Jason Mazanov.
17 October 2012
My hope tomorrow is that if Australia is successful in rejoining the Security Council, it will help to reinvigorate the UN's global efforts to promote human rights for all, writes Jose-Ramos Horta.
16 October 2012
Our obsession with speed and our reliance on cars as a supposedly fast mode of transport may be an underlying cause of our lack of time, writes Paul Tranter.
16 October 2012
While there is nothing new about countries or companies wanting to protect intellectual property for commercial reasons, it has seldom been considered a national security problem, writes Alan Dupont.
10 October 2012
If Tony Abbott wants to undo his damaged reputation with women, he needs to start in the right place. Simply calling himself a feminist will only lead to more trouble, argues Rob Brooks.
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10 October 2012
Sexism, misogyny and deeply personal nasty comments have no place in the parliaments of our nation where a tone of respect and civility ought to prevail, writes Cheryl Kernot.
09 October 2012
Astronomy is more than just star gazing. For Indigenous Australians the night sky ensured survival, says Nura Gili Research Associate Duane Hamacher.
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28 September 2012
It is the women and girls of Afghanistan who have the most to lose if the West's mission fails, writes Jenny Stewart.
25 September 2012
Abolish multiculturalism and the strong nationalist impulse in this country would go unchecked, writes Geoffrey Brahm Levey.
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25 September 2012
Forty years ago, Mitt Romney would have been the perfect candidate, now he is considered not quite conservative enough to get his party faithful to the ballot box, argues Ross Buckley.
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21 September 2012
Lowering Australia's legally allowed blood alcohol driving limit to .02 could save hundreds of lives each year, writes Soames Job.
21 September 2012
The well-being of low-income households is being seriously undermined by the increasing cost of housing and electricity, write Alan Morris and Lynne Chester.
20 September 2012
The catchcry of Islamophobia is used to silence legitimate debate and to imply that any unwelcome comment about anything to do with the Islamic tradition is unwarranted, argues Clive Kessler.
Disabled child playing with mother
18 September 2012
Parents of children with disabilities who self-manage their funding support are significantly happier than other carers, an Australian-first study has found.
17 September 2012
Princess Kate's sudden centrefold status is unfortunate and ethically appalling. But if the royal minders really think it unexpected or unthinkable, perhaps they're the ones inhabiting a fairytale fiction, argues Emma Jane.
11 September 2012
A new initiative providing stable housing for people with mental illness can dramatically reduce hospitalisation rates, a new report has found.