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27 August 13

Tony Abbott’s about-face on delivering a surplus in his first term is smart politics and good policy, writes Geoffrey Garrett.

27 August 13

We need to redouble efforts to support young people when they transition from foster care, writes Elizabeth Fernandez. 

27 August 13

UNSW has scored the maximum five-star rating for 10 performance indicators in the Good Universities Guide 2014 – up from eight last year.

27 August 13

Stable investment in research and development is vital to Australia's economic future, yet only the Greens so far have released a dedicated policy, writes Merlin Crossley.

27 August 13

The Coalition's plan for processing asylum seekers will be challenged in the courts and will likely fail, putting a future Coaliton governemnt back at square one on asylum policy, argues George Williams. 

23 August 13

Doctors lag behind nurses in hand hygiene in hospitals, despite evidence that alcohol-based hand rub is the cheapest and best way to prevent infection, according to a new study.

22 August 13

For middle-aged people with narrowed arteries, new research finds the flu vaccine may almost halve the risk of a heart attack. 

22 August 13

It’s in the public interest to establish consumer groups' independence and to expect their relationships with industry to be both disclosed and appropriately managed, write Wendy Lipworth and Ian Kerrige. 

22 August 13

Does executive pay really have no effect on total shareholder return, asks Peter Swan. 

22 August 13

Minority parties are good for our democracy, because parties forced into coalition do deals in the open. Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd are kidding themselves in their stand against them, argues Lindy Edwards.