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21 August 13

Our future depends on the environment providing what we need, but it is still regarded as a magic pudding, with policies for development of natural resources outweighing those to protect them, writes Richard Kingsford.

21 August 13

The Federal Government can remove the legal risks facing the PNG plan by amending the Migration Act and legislating in breach of the refugee convention. But this may be a step too far for Parliament, writes George Williams. 

20 August 13

Professor Helen Christensen has won a major fellowship for mental health research, worth $3.75 million. The Kirby Institute was also a big winner in the latest NHMRC funding round.

20 August 13

Older workers have enormous value, but it remains to be seen what their health and disability profiles will be and which employers will reap the benefits of population ageing, writes Rafal Chomik. 

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20 August 13

After an international search, leading expert on cell biology and regenerative medicine, Professor Melissa Knothe Tate, has been named the new Paul Trainor Chair of Biomedical Engineering. 

Associate Professor Maurice Pagnucco, Head of the School of Computer Science and Engineering (Front page image - credit iStock photo)
19 August 13

A new review shows UNSW leads Australian universities in the number of graduates who have founded technology start-ups in the last 15 years.

17 August 13

If we want to cure cancer we need to think like venture capitalists: backing big, radical ideas and taking commensurate risks, writes Peter Smith. 

16 August 13

The Coalition's new asylum policy will degrade administrative decision-making, undermine accountability and leave refugees in a permanent state of psychological and legal limbo, write Jane McAdam and Ben Saul.

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15 August 13

UNSW has signed a major partnership with China’s prestigious Shanghai Jiao Tong University in research commercialisation and technology transfer.

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15 August 13

Strong research performance has boosted UNSW’s position in the latest Academic Ranking of World Universities, continuing the positive trend of recent years.