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23 April 14

Drivers for legalising cannabis are more likely to be political and based on public opinion, rather than econimic arguements, write Marian Shanahan and Alison Ritter. 

23 April 14

One hopes and expects that our governments will listen to the people they have honoured, even when they reveal inconvenient truths, writes Merlin Crossley.


23 April 14

If Australia wants to defend its place in the global higher education market, it will need to find new ways to attract Asian students, writes Geoffrey Garrett. 

22 April 14

UNSW Australia's annual Postgraduate Information Sessions will be held next month (5-8 May), showcasing its range of degrees on offer. 

22 April 14

Is the recently released LEGO movie the world's most expensive commercial, asks Julian Murphet. 

22 April 14

The celebrity factor of William and Kate is part of the story behind waning republican support, but the bigger problem lies within republicans' own ranks, writes George Williams. 

18 April 14

The establishment of an online database of Australian artists has broken down barriers to make research accessible to all, which means there is no longer any excuse for parochialism, writes Joanna Mendelssohn. 

17 April 14

Finding the missing Malaysian Airline "black box" on the bottom of the ocean in an area roughly the size of Tasmania will be an extremely challenging task, warns Robin Robertson.

17 April 14

How far should we go to save species from extinction? A new field of research is questioning the ethical and cultural limits of conservation efforts.

17 April 14

Former NSW DPP Nicholas Cowdery and the International Criminal Court’s Alexandra Tomic are speakers at a major symposium next week on the quality of court interpreting.