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15_Mervyn Bishop_Gough Whitlam
15 August 13

Iconic images of Gough Whitlam’s 1973 visit to China and his groundbreaking links with Indigenous Australia form the basis of COFA's Making Change exhibition. 

15 August 13

Wildlife photography acts as a torch, shining a light onto the face of extinction so that extraordinary species are not lost to the darkness. But it is then up to the rest of us to act and make a change, writes Dustin Welbourne. 

UNSW Medicine's Professor Peter Gunning and Dr Justine Stehn
15 August 13

Children with the particularly lethal cancer neuroblastoma could benefit from potentially life-saving treatment, following breakthrough work led by UNSW medical researchers.VIDEO

14 August 13

Vigorous public debate about internet surveillence is crucial if we are to safeguard citizens' rights while meeting the reasonable needs of security agencies, writes Srikumar Venugopal. 

14 August 13

Australia’s first undergraduate-entry Doctor of Medicine (MD) program will offer UNSW medical graduates a higher level qualification and a more globally-recognised degree. 

14 August 13

For sea squirts the key to a long and happy life is to be fertilised not by a fast sperm, but by one that stands the test of time, a study has revealed.

14 August 13

The paleo diet is widely different from the food of our ancestors and its range demands scrutiny before it can be recommended for modern life, argues Rosemary Stanton. 

14 August 13

There needs to be engagement in a meaningful way before Asia's popularity as an exchange destination increases for Australian students, writes Natalie Karam. 

13 August 13

The Kirby Institute has received $4 million for a new research fellowship to help address increasing rates of sexually transmissible infections and blood borne viruses.

12 August 13

The University categorically rejects any claim that patient safety was jeopardised in a clinical trial of anti-cancer compound DZ13.