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1 May 14

UNSW chemists have invented a new type of tiny lab-on-a-chip device that could have a diverse range of applications, including to detect toxic gases, fabricate integrated circuits and screen biological molecules.

30 April 14

Australia needs to do more to foster young entrepreneurs, says business student Bradley Kalgovas, who will convene a roundtable on innovation at the upcoming G20 Youth Forum in Germany. 

30 April 14

The term 'fifth-generation' is not so useful when trying to analyse how well suited the Joint Strike Fighter is to Australia’s strategic needs, writes Steven Jones. 

29 April 14

Replacing two-yearly pap smears with five-yearly testing for the human papillomavirus (HPV) is expected to reduce cervical cancer rates even further, writes Karen Canfell.

29 April 14

The designer responsible for overseeing Central Barangaroo’s master planning process, American Philip Enquist, will deliver a public address on designing sustainable cities this week.

Global Voices Delegates with Foreign Affairs Minister The Honourable Julie Bishop MP
28 April 14

Commerce/Law student Arthur Wang will explore how OECD nations can build resilient economies in the face of uncertainty at an international forum in Paris next month. 

28 April 14

UNSW and Harvard professor David Sinclair has been named by Time as one of the 100 most influential people in the world and "the geneticist who is making age reversal real".

Dr Yi Y. Liu, UNSW
24 April 14

A study published in Nature reveals the widespread decline in greenness and water content in Central Africa's rainforests.

24 April 14

Scientia Professor of Physics Michelle Simmons has joined the likes of Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Alexander Graham Bell as an elected member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Gene therapy (top) vers no treatment (bottom) cochleae_image5
24 April 14

Researchers at UNSW have for the first time used electrical pulses delivered from a cochlear implant to deliver gene therapy, successfully regrowing auditory nerves.