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4 June 14

Young, newly diagnosed HIV-positive gay men need more support to access the anti-retroviral therapies that could save their lives.

4 June 14

The federal government's view on advocacy is dangerous to democracy and to civil society, writes Joyce Chia.

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4 June 14

There is now a large disparity between the responsibilities of the Commonwealth and the states and their relative capacities to fund those responsibilities, writes Shipra Chordia.

3 June 14

We need innovation in education now if Australia is to build the modern infrastructure and internationally competitive industries of the future, writes Veena Sahajwalla.

3 June 14

Lack of certainty about funding is a key problem affecting the community sector’s ability to deliver crucial services, new research has revealed.

3 June 14

Full public funding for NSW election campaigns has immediate appeal, but closer inspection shows it's fraught with many problems, not in the least the huge cost to taxpayers, writes George Williams.

3 June 14

The Federal Government’s plan to repeal section 18C from the Racial Discrimination Act and its potential impact on Indigenous Australians will be the focus of a public forum at UNSW this Wednesday.

2 June 14

With intense competition placing pressure on the world’s airlines to keep pushing down operating costs, maintenance is an obvious first resort for cost-saving, write Doug Fraser and Ian Hampson.

30 May 14

The ocean is a cacophany of sounds and ocean exploration is technically challenging, as the fruitless search for missing Malaysian flight MH370 shows, writes Erik van Sebille. 

30 May 14

A doctor who worked at the Christmas Island detention centre has told a UNSW forum there has been “no adequate response” to a 92-page letter detailing concerns about asylum seekers' health.