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6 May 14

The High Court's highly anticipated decision on the constitutionality of the school chaplaincy program could lead to a radical rethink of how the federal government spends public money, writes George Williams.

5 May 14

It isn’t that surprising that nothing really works for preventing or treating colds. Given how common they are, any truly effective therapy would be a massive commercial blockbuster and hardly a secret, writes Michael Tam. 

5 May 14

Children fighting a life-threatening form of cancer could be treated with a revolutionary anti-cancer therapy as early as next year, following the formation of a research alliance to fast-track development of a drug pioneered by UNSW researchers.

5 May 14

The best way to test the impact of student fee deregulation on the university sector is not to compile yet another report, but to try it in specific areas, “learning from doing”, argues UNSW Vice-Chancellor Fred Hilmer.

Maddison Dunster (centre) with her parents.
2 May 14

Three female science and engineering students from UNSW have been awarded Defence Science and Technology Organisation scholarships valued at up to $40,000 each.

2 May 14

Offshore processing costs Australian taxpayers 10 times more than letting asylum seekers live in the community while their refugee claims are processed, the Commission's report reveals.

2 May 14

It is only May and summer is seven months away, but climate researchers are seeing the beginnings of what could be the most powerful El Niño  event in close to two decades.

2 May 14

It’s unrealistic and unfair to expect everyone to have the same retirement age, as it can can disadvantage groups with a systematically lower life expectancy, in particular the poor, writes Rafal Chomik. 

1 May 14

Nothing in the Commission of Audit report trumps the call for the Commonwealth to withdraw from areas that were once essentially state responsibilities, including education and health, writes Andrew Lynch.

1 May 14

The government’s proposed budget deficit levy will hit those earning just over $80k a year the hardest and more workers will fall into a higher tax bracket.