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2 December 13

Inspired by Sir Douglas Mawson’s Antarctic expedition almost exactly a century ago, two UNSW Scientists have set off on a modern-day voyage to retrace the route taken by the Australian scientist and explorer. BLOG

jorgen randers
2 December 13

Leading international and Australian experts on economics, the environment and carbon trading will gather at UNSW next week for a symposium on Limits to Growth.

2 December 13

Mass sackings of ESL consultants and refugee support officers will mean from next year NSW public schools will struggle to help non-English speaking students and foster multiculturalism, writes Michael Michell. 

30 November 13

The British Film Festival offers much to please audiences – but how connected is it to the Brit diaspora, asks Greg Dolgopolov. 

29 November 13

For many people in Australia, the annual observance of World AIDS Day may be the only regular reminder of the HIV epidemic, writes Professor John Kaldor from UNSW's Kirby Institute. 

29 November 13

A rocking stool, inspired by sandstone formations in Arizona, is one of 350 artworks being exhibited at the COFA Annual – a showcase of art, design and digital media by graduating students.

29 November 13

One of the world’s strangest animals – a legless, leaping fish that lives on land –uses camouflage to avoid attacks by predators such as birds, lizards and crabs, new research shows.

29 November 13

Treasury’s superannuation paper contains few surpises and can be viewed through the lens of the Abbott government's commitment to reduce red tape, writes Helen Hodgson. 

28 November 13

Analogue TV may be on the way out – but it’s been an involving medium for artists, writes John Gillies. 

28 November 13

Engineering student and Space Leadership Scholarship winner Eren Gorur is helping drive Australia into a new, more secure era of space research.