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6 January 14

Children's impulse to play with weapons appears to be innate. So are our attitudes to guns stifling imaginative play?

6 January 14

It is not an inability to understand science that undermines its power: it is the ability to deny it whenever it involves inconvenient truths, writes Merlin Crossley. 

4 January 14

Professor Chris Turney, leader of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, says his critics are wrong: the team was prepared, the risks were known, and much was achieved.

3 January 14

We’ve all felt sad, anxious or down at one time or another, but where does the normal experience of emotion end and the clinical picture of a mood or anxiety disorder begin, asks Gordon Parker.

3 January 14

On average, more people die each year in rip currents in Australia than from bush fires, floods, cyclones and sharks combined. Rob Brander explains how beachgoers can keep safe this summer.

1 January 14

Global average temperatures will rise at least 4°C by 2100 if carbon dioxide emissions are not reduced, according to new UNSW research published in Nature.

31 December 13

Attorney-General George Brandis cannot be a champion of human rights if he ignores prominent areas – such as anti-terrorism laws  where such rights have been breached, writes George Williams.


19 December 13

Medical researchers have found a cause of ageing in animals that can be reversed, possibly paving the way for new treatments for age-related diseases including cancer and type 2 diabetes.

19 December 13

A good strategy for choosing what to study at university is to take courses you enjoy and that keep your options open, writes Merlin Crossley.

Imagine Cup-77
19 December 13

From a Rhodes Scholar and an industrial designer helping sick kids to the entrepreneurial winners of a $50,000 grant from Microsoft, UNSW students are making headlines around the globe.