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19 February 14

Some of the world’s most respected architects and researchers in design and sustainability will speak at a major international symposium, co-hosted by UNSW, at the Sydney Opera House.

19 February 14

The opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics was a summary of the Putin era: new media and classicism combined to celebrate nationalism, pride and a symbolic resurrection of Empire, argues Greg Dolgopolov.

Scientia Professor Richard Bryant
18 February 14

UNSW has won $22.8 million in National Health and Medical Research Council grants, the second largest amount Australia-wide and far ahead of any other university in the State.


17 February 14

The federal government is implementing an ideological program to terminate climate action and stop the growth of renewable energy in particular, writes Mark Diesendorf.

17 February 14

Restoring the Education Investment Fund to its former strength will help ensure our university students have the best learning and research facilities possible, writes Les Field.


14 February 14

UNSW has performed strongly in the latest analysis by the federal government of the impact of its health and medical research funding.

14 February 14

Are financial advisors under a Coalition government about to win even more freedom in the way they are remunerated, ask Dimity Kingsford Smith and Viroshan Poologasundram.

14 February 14

If the government succeeds in scrapping complementary protection laws for asylum seekers important checks and balances will be removed, and enormous inefficiencies created in a system that is already choked, writes Jane McAdam.

14 February 14

The variability of herbal therapies from batch to batch means gathering reliable evidence of effectiveness is almost impossible, writes Susan Walters.



14 February 14

Fewer drug cheats at the Winter Olympics? Or are Winter Olympians simply better at beating the tests, asks Jason Mazanov.