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Just how far should we go in recognising Australia’s first peoples in the federal constitution? In our Spring Issue cover story, 'Words are not enough', we talk to Professor Megan Davis, Director of UNSW’s Indigenous Law Centre, about what is at stake in the referendum on Indigenous recognition due next year.

As the federal government grapples with the referendum’s wording, Professor Davis warns that “mere poetry” in a preamble is not sufficient. True “recognition” must be substantive: it must involve the principles of truth and justice, and address more than two centuries of discrimination against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people if it is to be worthwhile.

Also in our Spring Issue, we look at a new crowdfunding site that is giving young researchers the chance to risk it all on an idea; we talk to modern-day alchemist Veena Sahajwalla about her plans to take recycling to new heights; and we investigate the artificial intelligence research building systems that seamlessly blend with the human mind.

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