Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets

08 September 2013
The Australian Energy Market Operator's determination that 100 per cent renewable energy is feasible carries a hefty credibility, writes Jenny Riesz. 
22 July 2013
It’s hard to imagine a future without fossil fuel, but it is possible and sound modelling can help us get there, writes Jenny Riesz.
31 May 2013
Australian Energy Market Operator's 100% renewables modelling has been criticised for not putting the figures into context. When done so, the 2050 renewable scenarios are similar in cost to most alternatives, writes Jenny Riesz.
25 March 2013
State and local governments have a duty to complement federal climate policy, as they not only have the power but the best knowledge of the field, argues Martin C. Jones.
Environmental economist Martin Jones
30 March 2012
State-based climate policies should not be abandoned on the grounds that a national carbon tax will be a fix-all solution, argues Martin Jones.
Hugh Outhred
15 December 2011
OPINION: The release of Australia’s draft energy white paper outlines a future that is largely dependent on fossil fuels, embraces uranium and expands existing deregulation and privatisation, writes Dr Hugh Outhred.
26 May 2009
No matter how you juggle the numbers and fiddle the details, the latest changes to the emissions trading scheme are a disappointing vote for the status quo, write Dr Regina Betz and Dr Iain MacGill.
16 December 2008
UNSW climate scientists and energy experts have given a largely critical response to the Federal Government's emissions trading White Paper.
02 September 2008
Charities and environment groups joined researchers at UNSW this week to discuss one of the biggest challenges of an emissions trading scheme - ensuring fair distribution of the cost of carbon.
04 December 2007
A UNSW academic has warned that a poorly designed emissions scheme might fail to shrink Australia's carbon footprint while providing large polluters with windfall profits.