25 March 2013
Taking their inspiration from Nature, UNSW scientists have developed a new method for carrying out chemical reduction – an industrial process used to produce fuels and chemicals that are vital for modern society.
Dr Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou from the School of Chemical Engineering
15 August 2012
UNSW engineers have demonstrated for the first time that hydrogen can be released and reabsorbed from a promising storage material, overcoming a major hurdle to its use as an alternative fuel source.
DNA - a natural polymer
04 May 2012
A new bio-inspired approach to synthesising polymers will offer unprecedented control over the final polymer structure and yield advances in nanomedicine, researchers say.
05 October 2011
One of UNSW's most distinguished academics, Professor David Black, has been honoured with election to the post of Secretary General of the International Council for Science.