Civil and Environmental Engineering

Cattai Creek draining into the Manning
28 February 2013
In the wake of heavy flooding, poisonous acid plumes are beginning to form in coastal rivers across New South Wales causing severe environmental damage, UNSW researchers warn.
Lunar mining
16 May 2012
Naysayers may poke fun at the seemingly impossible costs of mining nearby celestial bodies, but as technologies continue developing, these pursuits will inevitably become a reality, argues Dr Leonhard Bernold.
Soil cracks
15 May 2012
Deep cracks in fertile agricultural soils can persist underground long after they have visibly sealed on the surface, new research has revealed.
Dr Stuart Khan
02 May 2012
While the NSW coal seam gas inquiry report identifies key risks to the protection of groundwater, several recommendations have missed the mark, a leading water expert says.
Direct drinking water recycling could prevent floods
17 April 2012
A more streamlined process to recycle wastewater could have saved Brisbane from severe flooding in 2011 and mitigated recent flood risks in NSW, a leading water expert says.
UNSW Fulbright Scholars 2012
16 March 2012
Four UNSW rising stars have been awarded prestigious Fulbright scholarships to undertake research in the United States.
An artist's concept of a Moon colony
06 March 2012
With its expertise in mining, Australia could be well positioned to capitalise on a future "Moon Rush" if it starts preparing now, writes Leonhard Bernold.
Australian floodwaters wreak havoc
10 February 2012
Engineers at UNSW’s Water Research Lab are working to minimise the damage caused by floods in urban areas, using data from a simulation of the Newcastle floods of 2007.
09 December 2011
To protect natural water systems, national guidelines must be established around the impact of coal seam gas drilling on aquifers, says UNSW environmental engineer Dr Stuart Khan.
21 April 2009
UNSW graduate engineer Alexandra Bennett has won recognition for a student project focused on helping drought-proof Australia's farms.
07 November 2008
One of Australia's most experienced civil engineers, Associate Professor Ron Cox, has been named Civil Engineer of the Year by the country's peak engineering industry body.
08 January 2008
A team of first year Civil and Environmental Engineering students from UNSW is about to gain first-hand experience helping developing communities in India.