10 December 2014
Chef turned International Studies student Damien Hawes has brought food and education to children living in a Philippines rubbish dump.
10 December 2014
The talent demonstrated at the annual NSW School Spectacular highlight a glaring mismatch between perceptions of public education and reality, writes Cathy Sherry.
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20 November 2014
UNSW Medicine has developed an online diploma in infectious disease management for India's largest private hospital group.
14 October 2014
The UNSW program that introduces thousands of disadvantaged school students to the world of university is celebrating after receiving a $250,000 “surprise” grant from Google.
01 October 2014
A UNSW program that introduces disadvantaged school students to university is competing to win half a million dollars in an initiative celebrating the transformative power of technology. They need your vote.
Smart Sparrow founder Dr Dror Ben-Naim.
01 October 2014
An education technology start-up spun out of UNSW is one of the big winners in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's $20 million Next-Generation Courseware Challenge.
Jenny Stewart
27 June 2014
For too long, the debate about Australian higher-education has been fixated on who pays for what, when and how. We need to pay as much attention to intellectual outcomes as we do to financial ones, writes Jenny Stewart. 
09 December 2013
The poor PISA results for Australian students in science and maths need to be urgently addressed, writes Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Iain Martin. 
02 December 2013
Mass sackings of ESL consultants and refugee support officers will mean from next year NSW public schools will struggle to help non-English speaking students and foster multiculturalism, writes Michael Michell. 
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13 November 2013
Westfield's Frank Lowy has revealed that his family has given away more than $350 million in the past 10 years, telling a UNSW audience that “people who have a lot should give a lot”.
08 October 2013
If Tony Abbott and Andrew Robb are serious about the future of Australia’s education sector as a key export earner, the FTA negotiations at hand seem like a practical place to start, writes Laurie Pearcey. 
12 September 2013
Macquarie Bank’s Shemara Wikramanayake is the guest speaker at a fundraising dinner for a scholarship aimed at disadvantaged students in Sydney's south-west.
30 August 2013
Vision and detail are relatively absent from all three major parties' education policies, write Kalervo Gulson and Shaun Rawolle. 
16 July 2013
The Gonski Review has set ideas in motion about education that will be difficult for any government or group to stop, writes Leila Morsy.
UNSW's Vice-Chancellor Professor Fred Hilmer with India's Minister for Human Resources Development Dr Pallam Raju
12 July 2013
India's Education Minister has visited UNSW and called for stronger research partnerships between Australia's and India's university sectors.
10 June 2013
The decision to dismantle the provision of ESL services in government schools could have permanent and irreparable damage, write Chris Davison and Michael Michell.
06 June 2013
The challenge for art and design schools is to prepare students for a world that does not yet exist and for jobs that have not yet been created, writes Ross Harley.
09 May 2013
With China investing massive amounts in universities, it's vital for the federal government to make hard policy decisions to ensure our system can be truly globally competitive, writes Professor Iain Martin.
03 May 2013
Having a 'right to education' can open a legal minefield, writes Fergal Davis.
26 April 2013
It's time universities put more money and effort into socialising international students who daily face situations in which they embarrass themselves, offend people, or are misunderstood, writes Gigi Foster.
24 April 2013
The Gonski school funding reforms are not a silver bullet for closing the education gap between our lowest and highest-achieving students, argues Leila Morsy.
28 February 2013
Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter has called for a focus on moral education to counter violence in society.
22 February 2013
Ela Gandhi will discuss her grandfather's legacy of nonviolent resistance, social justice, and respect for the environment in a free public lecture at UNSW.
31 October 2012
Apparently, teachers and principals have no need to hear about research on international education policy and are too sensitive to deal with “controversial” ideas, write Kalervo Gulson and Andrew Gibson.
15 June 2012
It is time Australian governments paid serious attention to the structure and efficiency of the public service economy, writes Gary Sturgess.