15 March 2011
A team of Indonesian and Australian researchers has developed a new computerised tool to help authorities reduce HIV infection and track disease burden across the Indonesian archipelago.
01 December 2010
World AIDS Day holds a special significance this year, with 2010 witnessing the most dramatic breakthroughs in HIV prevention since the first days of the global pandemic, writes UNSW Professor John Kaldor.
21 October 2010
The profile of people living with HIV in Australia is set to change significantly over the next decade, UNSW modelling shows.
19 October 2010
Australia has reported its highest number of HIV infections since the early 1990s but cases of most other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections have dropped, data shows.
28 September 2010
Genetic fingerprinting may predict who will benefit from early hepatitis C treatment and who will clear the virus spontaneously, new research shows.
01 December 2009
Poor countries in South-East Asia could experience a spike in HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths due to the effects of the global economic crisis, UNSW research has found.
22 October 2009
Every dollar spent on needle and syringe programs saves four dollars by preventing life-threatening infections, according to UNSW research.
09 February 2009
UNSW professors have dominated the latest round of NHMRC funding, winning a record 80 percent of the $39.6 million on offer in NSW.
24 June 2008
UNSW researchers have received half a million dollars from the NSW Government to fund new studies into sexually transmitted infections.
21 May 2008
A young African doctor is studying at UNSW's National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research to help fight the virus in her homeland.
23 July 2007
The rise in the number of Australian HIV cases in the past seven years is likely to be related to risky sexual behaviour in men having sex with men, according to work co-authored by UNSW researchers.