Photo: Daniel Chen/Glenn Ong
12 December 2014
Engineering students in UNSW’s solar racing team Sunswift have been left “shocked” and “incredibly surprised” after beating a crowd-funding target of $30,000 in just 10 days.
Photo: Daniel Chen/Glenn Ong
01 December 2014
UNSW's world record-smashing Sunswift turns to crowd-funding to realise its dream – Australia's first road legal solar car.
23 July 2014
A team of UNSW students has broken a 26-year-old world speed record, establishing their Sunswift car as the fastest electric vehicle over a distance of 500km, on a single battery charge.
Sunswift eVe put through its paces at Sydney Dragway prior to the record attempt. (Photo credit: Daniel Chen and Glenn Ong)
09 July 2014
A team of UNSW students will challenge a 26-year-old world record on Wednesday to prove their electric car meets the needs of Australia's driving public.
04 October 2013
The UNSW solar racing car will begin its 3000-kilometre journey from Darwin to Adelaide on Sunday 6 October, marking the start of the 2013 World Solar Challenge. 
Sunswift's fifth generation car eVe unveiled at UNSW
12 August 2013
A team of UNSW students re-imagining the future of solar-powered vehicles has unveiled its new-look racer in Sydney.
Sunswift's fifth generation car eVe - a more "human friendly" solar vehicle
14 June 2013
The future of solar-powered vehicles in Australia is being re-imagined by a group of talented UNSW students determined to make a more "human friendly" car.
17 October 2011
UNSW's solar racing car, Sunswift, is in the middle of a gruelling battle against the best in the world, as it competes in a global solar car challenge from Darwin to Adelaide.
14 October 2011
UNSW's Sunswift solar racing team lets race fans get up close and personal in gruelling 3000km global solar challenge across Australia
30 October 2009
UNSW's solar racing team is celebrating its victory in the Global Green Challenge from Darwin to Adelaide. Sunswift IV was the first Australian car to cross the finish line.
09 October 2009
UNSW's Sunswift solar racing team has unveiled a new car which can reach 115km/h using the same amount of power it takes to make your morning toast.
30 October 2007
The UNSW Solar Racing Team has completed its World Solar Challenge campaign with an impressive result, finishing fourth in its class and winning the CSIRO's award for the most energy efficient vehicle.
16 October 2007
The UNSW Sunswift Solar Racing Team is once again ready to do battle in the World Solar Challenge, a gruelling race from Darwin to Adelaide. They'll be relying the power of the sun - and some very clever thinking.
25 September 2007
UNSW's record-breaking solar car racers, Sunswift, and one of the University's most innovative graduates have taken out two of the state's most prestigious engineering prizes at the 2007 Engineers Australia Engineering Excellence Awards.
05 April 2007
UNSW's solar car Jaycar Sunswift III has today broken Dick Smith's world record for the fastest solar powered road trip from Perth to Sydney.
10 January 2007
UNSW's solar car, Jaycar Sunswift III, is attempting to break Dick Smith's world record for the fastest solar powered road trip from Perth to Sydney.