free IP

If universities really want to drive innovation they must consider offering businesses access to much of what they discover and invent for free, write Brian Boyle and Kevin Cullen.


Sharing a workplace with 3,000 human tissue samples is both sorrowful and uplifting for this former zoologist, acrobat and now science educator. 


The latest books by UNSW academics.


Men need to stand up and help redress the gender imbalance in Australian workplaces, writes Emma Johnston.

Stan Grant

Journalist Stan Grant has called for a national truth and reconciliation commission, “a full reckoning of our nation’s past”.


All UNSW's top news stories, from the opening of the Materials Science and Engineering Building, to the impact of delayed bipolar diagnosis and the UNSW–China $100m research partnership.

grand challenges

UNSW has announced the first three leaders of its Grand Challenges, an initiative to establish the University at the forefront of debate and policy. 

Ian Jacobs

Welcome to the Spring 2016 edition of UNSW magazine.

Playconomics game

The passion and commitment of UNSW teaching staff to create unique and exciting ways to enhance student learning has been recognised in national awards for teaching excellence.


How do you condense years of research down to just three minutes? That’s the challenge for 23 competitors in the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Final.