Truck drives over mountain of waste in landfill

Experts say Australia must reclaim the wealth of materials being stockpiled in landfills. Photo: Shutterstock

While bargain sales pump out assets destined for the dump, emerging recycling technologies offer sustainable solutions to landfills.

elderly man playing bowls in a lawn with his friends

Bowling clubs have significant value as an informal social space in the suburban fabric. Photo: Shutterstock.

The humble ‘bowlo’, as it’s affectionately known, might not be what it was at its peak, but it remains central to civic life.

for lease sign on a white display outside of a residential building

While past tenancy law reforms have not caused disinvestment, maybe the next reforms should. Photo: Shutterstock.

It’s often claimed that reforming tenancy laws to better protect tenants will drive landlords out of the market, leading to fewer rental properties. A new study finds no evidence to support the claim.


Dr Emma Buxton-Namisnyk has received the 2022 Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology’s Early Career Award. Photo: supplied

Criminology and law researcher Emma Buxton-Namisnyk’s study of domestic violence policing of First Nations women in Australia has been recognised with an Early Career Research Award.

panorama over gladesville bridge across parramatta river facing distant city cbd skyline

A multi-city region, also known as a mega-region, establishes an integrated network of globally and locally connected cities. Photo: Shutterstock.

A planning strategy for Australia’s first multi-city region, home to nearly one in four Australians, is being developed. So what’s the thinking behind creating an integrated network of six cities?

Projects that will address institutional racism in Australia’s healthcare system, develop new treatments for children with brain cancer, and improve personalised treatments for high-risk children’s cancer have received NHMRC funding.

Sheep grazing in semiarid rangeland.

Sheep grazing in a semiarid Patagonian rangeland in Argentina. Photo: Valeria Aramayo.

The positive effects of grazing by livestock and wild herbivores can turn negative as temperatures become warmer.

 FTX fallout is expected to be widespread

While Enron is seen as the gold standard for corporate fraud, malfeasance, and complacency, the ramifications from FTX's fall could be far worse, says UNSW Business School's Associate Professor Mark Humphery-Jenner. Photo: Supplied

FTX was the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world – today it has been named ‘a complete failure of corporate controls’. What happened? Associate Professor Mark Humphery-Jenner explains.

Jessica Cong is committed to bridging the worlds of business and social impact to support financial inclusion and will undertake a Master of Business Administration next year.

Girl taking a photo with a mobile phone

Citizen scientists don't always represent a broad cross-section of society. Photo: supplied.

It’s important that citizen science projects engage volunteers from across society, including young people. A new Australian initiative is doing just that.

The risk of repeat self-harm in young people is highest in the first month after an initial self-harm hospital presentation.

Mike Davis’s radical urban history of LA was a trailblazing book that remains startlingly relevant to those of us who live in other supersizing cities in the early 21st century.

UNSW academics are included on's list of best female scientists in the world, while four female alumni and an academic have been lauded in Sunday Life’s trailblazers issue. 



The study indicates the ‘Probable Maximum Precipitation’ (PMP) estimates for 546 large dams across Australia are expected to increase between 14 and 38 per cent on average due to increasing atmospheric moisture. Image: Videvo

A new study says existing models for potential maximum rainfall are out of date and suggests existing dams are potentially at greater risk due to spillway inadequacy.

Researchers from UNSW and University of Melbourne say anybody who is planning to build a large dam needs to think 50 to 100 years ahead and consider the future impacts of climate change on the plausible upper limit of rainfall extremes.

volodymyr zelensky speaking via zoom at cop27 conference

Overlapping tensions and crises could speed up the shift away from fossil fuels. Photo: Peter Dejong/AP.

This year’s climate talks have been overshadowed by rising international tensions, energy crises and war. But that doesn’t mean climate action is dead.

Does watching sport have to involve gambling?

Sports gambling ads capitalise on Australian cultural values of mateship. Photo: Shutterstock.

We have to get to the heart of our culture’s obsession with sports gambling before we can see change, says UNSW media and advertising expert.

a woman looks fearful while sitting inside a large cardboard box

Photo: Pexels, CC BY-SA

Phobias are when fears become excessive and interrupt daily life. A new review shows one longer session of exposure is as effective and more time-efficient than shorter sessions.

three african wild dogs stand on a sandy hill

Photo: Shutterstock

The naturally best breeding window for these endangered animals is shortening, prompting a unique change in behaviour. 

Australians are being left in the lurch with a higher cost of goods at the checkout after the failed privatisation of Australia’s major container ports increased supply chain costs, says a UNSW Business School expert.

Australia is seeing mortgage stress and other cost-of-living pressures rise, but we can avoid the financial impact being felt in the UK and US, says a UNSW Business School real estate expert.