The new Quarterly Essay weaves personal history and detailed policy analysis, examining the unintended consequences of the NDIS, and how we can best realise the scheme’s original intent.

UNSW expert says there is a distinct and strange difference in the way AUKUS nuclear technology is discussed compared to the potential widespread production of nuclear power in Australia.

Bypassing planning regulations is likely to have impacts on social inequity and wellbeing that could prove very costly for both governments and people.

row of trees before they are being planted

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Nature positive is the new rallying cry to reverse environmental decline. But it could easily become greenwash – if we’re not careful.

couple looking at laptop concerned

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The way banks calculate interest means that Australian borrowers who sign up to pay 5.95% per annum pay something closer to 6.11%.

Solar on Bike

Solar panels on the back of a Fulani trader's bike encountered during Associate Professor Paul Munro's fieldwork. Photo: Supplied

The burgeoning solar sector has a responsibility to consider the afterlives of its products, says an expert from UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture.

simple illustration of people near a giant voting box with the australian flag on it

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The No campaign line for the upcoming Voice referendum tells people they can’t figure out the issues, says the Dean of Law & Justice at UNSW Sydney.

UNSW Business School experts explain the psychological factors that cause people to fall victim to scams – and what protection can be offered.

‘Ancestral’ diets like the paleo diet are hugely popular in Australia, but experts from UNSW Sydney and the Australian Museum have questions.

Rear view of someone walking down the aisle of a library

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Many students with a disability are bullied, excluded and do not feel welcome in Australian schools. They cannot be ignored in the next National School Reform Agreement.

Colourful lights representing data points on a 3D mountainous terrain

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Australia’s new “consumer data right” leads the world in allowing data to be moved safely and efficiently. So what is it? And how can it help protect you and your personal data against data breaches?

A Voice to Parliament would advise the “executive government” – that is, ministers and the public service – on issues that affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The US has open-skies agreements with more than 100 nations, Singapore has more than 60 nations. Australia has just seven.

low angle view of solar panels on roof

Renewable energy systems can help ensure communities can power essential activities when the grid is affected. Photo: Getty Images.

Households need more support to implement alternative energy solutions to help manage outages during bushfires and extreme weather events. 

Epiwatch team

The Kirby Institute biosecurity team have created a new Hindi language application to facilitate pandemic early warnings. Photo: Kirby Institute

The Kirby Institute has developed the first non-English version of its AI-driven epidemic warning tool EPIWATCH, expanding its availability in one of the world's most populous countries.

New research reveals who is most at risk and what we can all do to stay safe while swimming.

Reducing air pollution is one of the best investments for Australians’ health, the environment, the economy and social equity. But achieving cleaner air requires a new approach from government.

New research suggests Australia’s agricultural water reservoirs could be an innovative energy storage solution for variable renewables.

Three minute thesis competition

This year's 3MT finalists explored a variety of topics across health, education, law and justice, engineering, and business. Photo: UNSW.

Dr Sascha Spencer impressed competition judges with her eye-opening presentation on helping medical professionals improve diagnosis and treatment of vision disorders. 


Scientia Professor Vlado Perkovic has been named UNSW Sydney's new Provost. Photo: UNSW Media

Scientia Professor Vlado Perkovic, current Dean of UNSW Medicine & Health, will take up the role on 18 September.

Meganne Christian

Last year, Dr Meganne Christian was among a group of 17 astronauts announced as the European Space Agency’s Astronaut Class of 2022.

From UNSW Yellow Shirt volunteer to astronaut in reserve, UNSW Engineering alumna Dr Meganne Christian's career has been nothing short of remarkable.

She explains the moment she decided to apply for the European Space Agency's call for new astronauts for missions to the International Space Station and beyond.

Read more about her story. 



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Marine heatwaves aren’t just on the surface. They can be at their most destructive when they sweep along the seafloor.

hands wearing latex gloves use shears to prune a marijuana bud

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Cannabis growers in the capital report many obstacles, from purchasing seeds to the lack of information on growing conditions.

Psychiatrists rely on guidelines to prescribe medication for bipolar disorders. But beyond side-effects and clinical trials, ‘real-world’ effectiveness should be considered thoughtfully.

Quay Quarter Tower

By upcycling and expanding the AMP Tower to create Quay Quarter Tower, rather than doing a knock-down rebuild, architecture firm 3XN saved 7500 tons of CO2. Photo: Adam Monk.

How we reduce CO2 emissions in the built environment is changing – with focus moving from energy efficiency to reducing embodied carbon, according to UNSW’s Philip Oldfield.

Empty bike lanes in a city, with cars and pedestrians in background

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Early in the pandemic, when there was much less traffic on the roads, people took to their bikes. But since then, fewer people are cycling, with rates now lower than in 2011.

pancreatic cancer cells

The drug increased survival time by more than 35 per cent in mice. Image: Getty Images

Early laboratory results in mice show the drug PXS-5505 increases survival when combined with chemotherapy in the treatment of an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer.