Want to give your career a boost? According to new research, the way to do it depends on your age and how many years experience you have under your belt.

a female student hugs another student while read a book

Lila, played by Ludovica Nasti (right) in the HBO production of Elena Ferrante’s My Beautiful Friend. Photo: Eduardo Castaldo/HBO

Half-wild Lyra from Northern Lights was the first female character who felt real to Jane Gleeson-White. Then she met Elena Ferrante’s ‘ferocious, filthy, quicksilver’ Lila, a more complex version.

DNA double helix. Genetic cancer risk.

New genes have been identified that contribute to sarcoma risk. Image: iStock.

Understanding the genetic basis of sarcoma will allow earlier detection and better guide treatment. 

Professor Richard Tilley and Dr Lucy Gloag in front of a hydrogen filling station

Authors of the study Professor Richard Tilley and Dr Lucy Gloag. Photo: Supplied.

Researchers have developed an innovative technique for creating nanoscale materials with unique chemical and physical properties.

Healthy calcium-rich food. Greens, salmon, cheese.

Consider your micronutrient intake from the foods in your diet. Photo: iStock.

What you eat and drink, as well as how much sunlight you get on your skin, all affect your micronutrient levels – and in turn the health of your body and mind.

jean rhys looks intently at camera

Artwork: Supplied

A new biography of Jean Rhys, the Dominican-born author of Wide Sargasso Sea, pays close attention to her origins – but stops short of examining the colonial relations central to her story.

ripened fruit displayed outside a fruit and vegetable store

Photo: Shutterstock

Nearly two-thirds of suburbs in one major part of Sydney have no food stores at all. And in those that do, unhealthy food outlets outnumber healthy ones by more than six to one.

There are concerns about harm reduction strategies this summer as a restless bunch of young adults test the limits of a depleted hospitality industry.

Professor Kim Delbaere

UNSW Medicine & Health Professor Kim Delbaere will receive $1.3m to transition a home-based digital exercise program.

The projects to receive funding include a minimally invasive treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea and an exercise program to prevent falls.

Breeding colony of pelicans surrounded by water

A breeding colony of pelicans on South Coorong Island in South Australia. Photo: Richard Kingsford.

Scientists winged their way across one-third of Australia to collect data for the 2022 Eastern Australian Waterbird Survey, an annual health check of our freshwater ecosystems.

How athletes perceive their human rights is, at last, getting attention, says Nikki Dryden, Olympian and Associate at the Australian Human Rights Institute at UNSW Sydney.

Graphic of multiple padlocks

ChatGPT struggles to distinguish between truth and falsehood. Photo: Shutterstock.

We’re facing a significant advance in AI using methods that are not described in scientific literature, and with datasets restricted to a single for-profit company.