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Former President of Ireland Mary McAleese will return to Australia more than a decade after she stood in the Opera House to announce the campaign to establish a Chair in Irish Studies at UNSW.

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Global energy policy, to be shaped at the G20 summit in November, might not sound like a barbeque stopper, but it could determine what our future looks like, writes Christian Downie.

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Increasingly, our research is demonstrating the substantial role that teacher-student relationships play in motivation and engagement, writes Andrew Martin.

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A political leader always needs to judge when to push ahead of, and when to pull back to, public opinion, writes Mark Rolfe.

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The upcoming G20 Summit will be the first time world leaders have actively considered the rapidly changing demands of the global energy sector, writes Christian Downie.

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Almost 50,000 Australian children experience cyberbullying that can lead to humiliation and depression, new research by UNSW’s Social Policy Research Centre shows.

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Of all the currency arrangements cited in the debate over the future of Scotland’s currency, the ones conspicuously missing are those closest to home, writes David Blaazer.

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I've become a milk crate acolyte, thanks to Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore, writes Prudence Gibson.

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Children in film retain a special power in describing, performing and critiquing migration, UNSW Professor Stephanie Hemelryk Donald will tell a UNSW audience tonight.

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NSW imprisonment rates have skyrocketed to an unprecedented high despite a drop in crime rates. But do more prisoners equal a better society? asks Eileen Baldry.