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Gough Whitlam made us confident. Confident to be Australian, confident to be ourselves and confident to take on the world knowing who we are, writes Tim Harcourt.

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The word “economics” has been the victim of identity theft all across Australia, writes Gigi Foster.

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Gough Whitlam was a transformative and revolutionary leader in economics and his understanding of the arts epitomised his great vision for Australia, Richard Holden and Johanna Mendelssohn tell The Conversation.

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Jean Tirole, this year's winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, has deepened our understanding of how markets actually work, and provided policymakers with a playbook for how to make them work better, writes Richard Holden.

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If you make school funding contingent on achieving good numeracy and literacy test scores then those thresholds will likely be met. The trouble is it might not be because of any genuine improvement, writes Richard Holden.

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The Federal Reserve is winding down its quantitative easing programs and all eyes are on it to see when there will be “liftoff” of the federal funds rate from zero.

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Australians are more tolerant of inequality, including salaries, than most nations. This makes it easier to attract talented managers from the global pool, writes Peter Swan.

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The most regressive outcome would be to leave the Australian tax system just as it is, writes Richard Holden.

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Corporations everywhere are hoovering up petabytes of data in a bid to understand and predict consumer preferences. But are they missing the point? asks Peter Swan.

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We should listen more to the little Aussie battler and less to our opinionated billionaires when planning our long-term business strategies in China, writes Tim Harcourt.