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The international tax architecture, as it relates to the activities of multinational corporations, is horribly out of date, writes Chris Evans.

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Australians have few options if they want a stable income after retirement that is insured against longevity, investment and inflation risk, write Rafal Chomik and Hazel Bateman.

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The proposed takeover of David Jones by the South African-based Woolworths highlights problems with Australian regulations, writes Michael Peters.

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If the Abbott government wants to cut long-term power costs, it should consider ramping up rather than weakening the Renewable Energy Target, write Peerapat Vithayasrichareon, Iain MacGill and Jenny Riesz.

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The Japan-Australia Free Trade Agreement has plenty on offer for both countries, particularly in agriculture and services, writes Tim Harcourt.

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The visit of Japan’s Prime MInister Shinzo Abe to Australia heralds the chance of export success for many Australian companies, says UNSW economist Tim Harcourt.

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Nobel Prize-winning economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz will discuss the Global Financial Crisis, its impact and the future of the world economy, in a public talk at UNSW tonight.

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To really understand the risks in the economic outlook, it is important to step back from a story-telling approach and take an an objective look at the data, writes James Morely.

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New Business School Dean Chris Styles believes innovation will be critical in the era of higher education deregulation.

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UNSW research is showing that the shock waves from violent crime have an economic impact far beyond the people directly involved.