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An online game is lifting students’ performance in economics and proving that playing is one of the best ways to learn. 

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Australia’s high property prices will tumble eventually, right? Not necessarily, says Fellow in Real Estate Economics Nigel Stapledon.

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Westpac chief executive and managing director Mrs Gail Kelly has been awarded UNSW’s highest honour – the degree of Doctor of Business honoris causa.

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If Brazil can successfully host the World Cup, its rewards in the stock market, international trade, tourism and global politics will outweigh the huge costs of running the event, writes Tim Harcourt.

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The facts about American higher education belie common Australian worries about affordability and quality, writes Geoffrey Garrett.

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With intense competition placing pressure on the world’s airlines to keep pushing down operating costs, maintenance is an obvious first resort for cost-saving, write Doug Fraser and Ian Hampson.

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UNSW business students are heading to Indonesia in July for a Global Business Practicum thanks to New Colombo Plan scholarships. 

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The Abbott government has burnt too much political capital for too little economic gain, writes Geoffrey Garrett.

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This week’s budget is only the first act in the big economic drama that will take many years to play out, writes Geoffrey Garrett.

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Academics from UNSW’s Australian School of Business will give their independent analysis of the 2014 Federal Budget in a live roundtable discussion on Wednesday morning.