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Former Australian of the Year and Professor of Youth Mental Health, Patrick McGorry, will speak about the role of personalised medicine in potentially serious mental disorders at a UNSW neuroscience conference this week.

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Parents have good reason to feel overwhelmed by the digital revolution consuming their teenagers. As far as the physiology of our brains goes, we adults will never keep up, writes Dr Jay Giedd.


Managing other people at work triggers structural changes in the brain, protecting its memory and learning centre well into old age, research presented at the Brain Sciences UNSW symposium suggests.

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Running may trigger the production of new brain cells throughout life, possibly building a "buffer" to hold off diseases such as Alzheimer's, research presented at the Brain Sciences UNSW shows.

How much can we influence our brains? Does brain development extend over a lifetime? A Brain Sciences UNSW symposium outlines the latest findings in brain plasticity.

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Brain Sciences UNSW is quickly building a first-class reputation among the country's top research students.