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21 Jennifer Westacott web 1

The Business Council of Australia’s Chief Executive, Jennifer Westacott, will use the next Utzon lecture to argue for an urgent new “cities agenda” to equip Australia for massive social and technological change.

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A master plan for Australian cities would go a long way to more effectively harness Australia's urban potential, writes Alec Tzannes, Dean of Built Environment. 

Urban farm

Will an urban farming project be able to revitalise Detroit, ask Laura Crommelin and Christine Steinmetz.

Induction inside

Creative ideas for a portable cooktop and efficient clothes washing have won two UNSW industrial design students semi-finalist places in an international competition.

Lotsinspace inside

Sound, light and street theatre transformed the UNSW campus during a special joint celebration with NIDA.

Freestone inside

A century on, the first major planning inquiry for Sydney still gives valuable directions towards creating a sustainable, liveable city, says Professor Rob Freestone.

Women Planning

Three students from the Planning and Urban Development Program in the Faculty of the Built Environment (FBE) have dominated the Urban Development Institute of Australia's 2007 Tertiary Awards for Excellence.

FBE taskforce buildings web

UNSW is Australia's most represented university on a federal government taskforce which has been established to define the future directions for built environment design professions.