Centre for Modernism Studies

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee was one of the most iconic figures in horror cinema, writes Mark Steven.

COEN Brothers 1

What do the Coen brothers stand for in US cinema today, asks Julian Murphet.

Lego film  1

Is the recently released LEGO movie the world's most expensive commercial, asks Julian Murphet. 

IStock SeymourHoffman 2 0

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman helped steer American cinema back to an emotional integrity it had lost, writes Julian Murphet.

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Jean Cocteau’s 1930 monodrama, La Voix Humaine, is melodramatic enough – but the play is toughened theatrically because the audience hears only one half of the conversation, writes Julian Murphet. 

Murphet inside

The international profile of Australian modernism research will be raised by a new centre at UNSW, led by Professor Julian Murphet.