The Chinese stock market contagion is spreading around the world, as renewed concerns on China's economy add to the fear-selling that left share markets in tatters in August, says UNSW Business School's Vic Edwards.

Sharemarket China

The ham-fisted attempts by China's leaders to control the stock market bubble they helped create shows they are still wearing their "learner driver's" plates when it comes to financial markets, writes Vic Edwards.

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Two key reports offer a taste of the forthcoming defence white paper, writes Alan Dupont.


China's currency devaluation could have an impact on the property market by making Australian real estate more expensive for Chinese investors, UNSW's J.W. Nevile Fellow in Economics Tim Harcourt says.

Free trade

Agreement on the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership could come as early as this week, writes Tim Harcourt.


China has played an important role in Australia's economic development over the past three decades, writes Tim Harcourt.


The worsening Greek debt situation is adding to investor reluctance to buy Chinese shares, according to UNSW Australia’s Visiting Fellow in Banking and Finance Vic Edwards.

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What is the link betweenTony Abbott’s decision to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Coalition’s stalled plans for university fee deregulation? The answer may surprise you, writes Laurie Pearcy.


Global vegetation has increased by the equivalent of 4 billion tonnes of carbon – despite ongoing large-scale deforestation in the tropics.


While it is better to join now than not, we have lost respect and influence by procrastinating on membership of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, writes Ross Buckley.