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Europe China alliance

If Donald Trump turns away from climate action as George W. Bush did, Europe and China can respond by forming an alliance that will turn the United States from a climate leader into a follower, writes Christian Downie.

climate action

Would an incoming Labor government re-establish a Department of Climate Change? And if not, what should be done, ask Christian Downie and Howard Bamsey.

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What if the negotiations in Paris later this month matter less than we think? There are lots of good reasons unilateral action to combat climate change might be a better option, write Christian Downie and Peter Drahos.

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International climate change talks will not save the planet by themselves, but they put important pressure on nations to do their part, writes Christian Downie.

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As Tony Abbott arrives in the US for his first face-to-face meeting with Barack Obama, his failure to learn from the past on climate change could cause yet another diplomatic bungle, warns Christian Downie.