climate change

Shinzo Abe and Barak Obama

America is spying on the Japanese PM and major corporations ahead of trade talks, and sharing the intelligence with Australia, writes Philip Dorling.

mammoth skeleton

Abrupt warming that closely resembles the rapid man-made warming occurring today has repeatedly played a key role in mass extinction events of large animals, the megafauna, in the Earth’s past, new research shows.



New advances in ancient DNA, carbon dating and climate reconstruction finally provide some answers on megafauna extinction, write Chris Turney and Alan Cooper.

water flume

A new wave flume facility – essential to model coastal and inland water behaviour – has been opened by NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes at the UNSW Water Research Lab in northern Sydney.

climate adaptability

Understanding what motivates us to be adaptable in the face of a challenge will be critical to the human response to climate change, UNSW research suggests.


Cutting edge UNSW research projects resulting from catastrophes such as fires, tsunamis, terrorism and infectious diseases are the focus of a new video series produced by UNSWTV.

Lake Eyre, South Australia

Climate change has emerged as a key threat to a wide range of Australian ecosystems according to a study which is the first to implement a new Red List for identifying systems at high risk of degradation.


The Australian Defence Force has largely been missing in action on climate change and its broader implications for national security, writes Michael D. Thomas.


Thirty-year weather records from 79 locations across Australia reveal peak downpours during storms are intensifying at warmer temperatures, leading to greater flash flood risks. 

weather balloon

The mystery of the 'missing tropospheric hotspot' – the alleged lack of anticipated temperature increase in the tropical upper troposphere, has finally been solved, writes Steve Sherwood.