College of Fine Arts

TomHetherington's.2ndSkin cropped

This year’s COFA ANNUAL exhibition will launch the careers of the next generation of artists and designers.

Thethreshold still

A meditative video of a young girl playing in a Turkish mosque has won COFA graduate Fabian Astore this year’s Blake Prize for Religious Art.

Cockatoo island

Sydney’s iconic Cockatoo Island has been reinvigorated by COFA design students as part of the Sydney Architecture Festival.

COFA Moriah

Local high school students have reclaimed Sydney’s history as part of a COFA research project designed to transform urban spaces with public art.


Australia’s first completely solar-powered art show, curated by COFA academic Allan Giddy, opens in the desert town of Broken Hill this month.

Butterfly Dragon 2

The tale of a mythical creature transforming into a majestic dragon, created by COFA graduate Sushan Yue, is UNSWTV’s most popular video.

Ian Howard NthKorea

After years of negotiation, artist and COFA Dean, Ian Howard, has gained access to the highly militarised North Korean–Chinese border to document its history.

Sophia Pearce Quilt edit 1

Contemporary textile designs inspired by the traditional fabrics of Western India are part of a student exhibition at COFA.

Idil Abdullahi 300x270

COFA student Idil Abdullahi is transforming traditional cultural symbols into works of art for an exhibition showcasing the creative talents of Muslim women.

Plasma flow screencapture 002

Two unique outdoor art projections developed at UNSW will light up as part of the Vivid festival, opening this Friday.