dance artist performing in a gallery space

An artist-focused research collaboration aims to develop protocols for engaging with choreographic works in art institutions.

Footprints on floor and a person's foot with light stripes on their leg

The launch of the new UNSW Library Digital Collections shines a light on this exciting and highly accessible material.

Victoria Hunt

Victoria Hunt is using dance to tell the story of finding her Maori family and the cultural treasures stolen from them.

 Vortex Temporum dance

De Keersmaeker’s approach to working with music is unique and radical within the history of contemporary dance, writes Erin Brannigan.

Temporary Title

In this show, 12 performers blur the boundary between dance and exhibition as they roam – naked – through Sydney’s Carriageworks, writes Prudence Gibson.


Dancer and choreographer Anya McKee, who has performed with the likes of Kate Champion’s Force Majeure, has been chosen as the inaugural UNSW School of the Arts and Media alumni resident artist.

AnyaMcKee inside

Dance student, Anya McKee, uses red paint and provocative choreography to create a visceral dance experience for the screen.

Dance inside

A musical theatre-style performance about the perils of 'black magic' is one of the pieces being performed by UNSW dance students this week.

Curiosities inside

A unique collaboration between a heart specialist, brain scientist and choreographer will result in a pioneering performance at UNSW this week.

One Earth inside

A UNSW documentary which captures a touching cultural exchange between African and Australian Indigenous people is airing nationally on the ABC, the day before TV personality Ray Martin opens Nura Gili's winter program.