Donald Trump

Donald Trump looking miserable

The closer to the election you can drop a bombshell, the better, right? Not necessarily.

Capitol Building Washington DC

If it's up to a group of US lawmakers, 50 could soon become 51.

president donald trump

Executive orders often get a lot of media attention, but are they a big deal? 

The Simpsons

Three 90s episodes of the cult classic demonstrate a disturbing continuity in US political culture, says UNSW’s Dr William Clapton. 

The next US presidential election is scheduled for 3 November 2020.

JW Nevile Fellow in Economics Tim Harcourt discusses the 2020 US presidential race and the Biden-Trump showdown.

Donald Trump

From Mitch McConnell to milk, here's a breakdown of the impeachment process. 

Dr William Clapton

UNSW's Dr William Clapton, Senior Lecturer in International Relations explains the articles of impeachment, and what this means to President Trump.

President Trump

Dr William Clapton, Senior Lecturer in International Relations talks about the possibility of President Trump being impeached. 


US actions do more than just keep Huawei away from critical infrastructure. They choke off the supply of semiconductors to China.


At best, setting off a nuclear bomb inside a hurricane will do nothing, and at worst it will spread radioactive fallout around the world.