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The development of the Thirty Meter Telescope in Hawai'I demonstrates it's not just economic interests, but sometimes scientific ones that challenge indigenous land rights, write Duane Hamacher and Tui Britton.


In Australian Indigenous astronomical traditions the celestial lights of Aurora Australis are associated with fire, death, blood, and omens, writes Duane Hamacher.


Aboriginal oral traditions are giving scientists rich information about meteorite strikes and millennia-old natural disasters.

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Working with Aboriginal elders to learn about Indigenous astronomy will lead to new insights about natural events and meteorite impacts in Australia, writes Duane Hamacher.

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Indigenous Australians' astronomical knowledge is revealing an intellectual complexity in indigenous traditions that has gone largely unrecognised, writes Duane Hamacher.

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The science of astronomy has existed for thousands of years among Indigenous cultures and contains practical information essential for survival and cultural continuity, writes Duane Hamacher.


Astronomy is more than just star gazing. For Indigenous Australians the night sky ensured survival, says Nura Gili Research Associate Duane Hamacher.