If Australia is to effectively manage e-waste, it needs to expand its National Waste Policy to include the recovery and recycling of a much wider range of electrical products, writes Graciela Metternicht.

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Australia’s management of electronic waste is poorly implemented, lags behind international best practice, and is based on outdated recycling targets, UNSW researchers say.


Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla is researching the productive recycling of e-waste to create raw materials for future manufacturing.


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UNSW researchers have programmed industrial robots to tackle the vast array of e-waste thrown out by Australians every year.

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With almost 40 million tonnes of e-waste created worldwide each year, toxic lead contamination has become a research priority for Professor Mark Hoffman.

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Don't throw out your analogue radio just yet. UNSW industrial designer Miles Park shows how smart design can extend the lifespan of products rendered obsolete, reducing the growth of e-waste.