golden egg

Are the optimistic growth projections in the budget a work of fantasy, asks Richard Holden.


The RBA leaves interest rates on hold and talks down the Aussie dollar, job ads point to Australian labour-market weakness, and the US Fed still worries about the global economy, writes Richard Holden.

credit card

This week the rising Aussie dollar gives the RBA cause for concern, credit-fuelled spending slows, and US unemployment ticks up amid growing US confidence, writes Richard Holden.

Rio Carnival 2015

Brazil's changing fortunes won't stop Rio from shining at the Olympics, writes Tim Harcourt.


The level of debt incurred by corporations in emerging markets has grown at an astonishing rate, writes Usman W. Chohan.

coal power

As Australia continues to prop up the coal industry, the United States is steadily taking away the supports, writes Christian Downie.


The lack of evidence of the long-trusted relationship between the labour market and GDP growth is particularly puzzling, writes Richard Holden.

rock climbing

It is a week of waiting, watching, and holding our breath, writes Richard Holden.


Algorithms and software do not muse about global economic events; they merely chase mechanical patterns that they are programmed to find, writes Usman W. Chohan.


The announcement of two important and, it turned out, depressing pieces of economic data is more evidence that advanced economies are suffering from secular stagnation, writes Richard Holden.