Chinese currency

Currency wars aside, devaluation of the yuan may signal a material slowdown in the growth of the Chinese economy, and that will have significant repercussions for Australia and the world, writes Richard Holden.

experimental economics

The experimental method has established itself firmly as a key tool in economists’ toolbox, writes Andreas Ortmann.

Greece euro cracks

UNSW academics examine the Greek debt crisis and its consequences.


Greece borrowed too much money, had a giant party, and had no plan for how to pay it back. But economics isn't about the rear-view mirror, it's about the road ahead, and that looks increasingly rocky, writes Richard Holden.

Greece euro cracks

In the wake of the resounding No vote, it's likely that at least one if not all the major Greek banks will fail early this week. When this happens, the Greek economy will essentially come to a halt, writes Richard Holden.


While markets should factor in all information, movements in stock prices can still be driven by irrational behaviour, writes Richard Holden.   

Toy cars

When one party to a transaction knows more about the deal than the other it has an impact on market activity and changes the way we interact with the world, writes Richard Holden.

Sports economics

The corruption at FIFA, not to mention the blatant violation of labour standards in Qatar, show why the economic impact of global sport is everyone's business, writes Tim Harcourt. 


Of the many lessons the Coalition took from last year’s budget, the most lingering must surely be the importance of winning support from the Senate crossbench, writes Richard Holden.


Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser wasn’t a visionary in the economic sphere, but he did steady the ship, writes Richard Holden.