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Since 2011, new direct reuse drinking water schemes have come online in the US and it's likely Australian regional communities will begin to emulate the trend, writes Stuart Khan.

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The Renewable Energy Target needs a greater focus on encouraging technological breakthroughs, former Environment Minister Robert Hill has told a UNSW audience.

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UNSW engineering student and leader of the Sunswift solar car racing team Hayden Smith will discuss the importance of 'taking the wheel' and being part of something bigger, at TEDxUltimo.

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The National Water Commission is to be wrapped up due to federal budget cuts. Yet when it comes to water management and reform, it's clear there is unfinished business, writes Stuart Khan.

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A revolutionary rock sampling technology that achieved commercial success and a solar collector that can be used to heat or cool buildings are among the big winners in the 2014 UNSW Innovation Awards. 

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A dramatic increase in the amount of time that data can be stored on a single atom means silicon could once again play a vital role in the development of super-fast computers, write Andrea Morello and Andrew Dzurak.

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A team of UNSW engineering students has been officially recognised as the new world record holders for the fastest electric vehicle over a distance of 500 kilometres.

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Former federal environment minister Professor Robert Hill will discuss policy responses to climate change in the inaugural Sir William Tyree Energy Lecture at UNSW on Thursday 23 October.

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Two research teams working in the same UNSW laboratories have created quantum bits that offer parallel pathways for building quantum computers in silicon.

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UNSW mechatronics researchers behind a robotic tractor and seeding machine have been named as finalists in The Australian Innovation Challenge.