It’s no exaggeration to say that genetic research is rewriting our understanding of the human evolutionary story, writes Darren Curnoe.

 rock painting

When was the Australian continent first settled, asks Darren Curnoe.


When and where did humans split from the apes to become a separate branch of bipeds, asks Darren Curnoe.


New research from Asia again looks set to rewrite another chapter in the human story, writes Darren Curnoe.

Facial reconstruction of Homo erectus from China

Archaeological discoveries in East Asia over the last decade or so have dramatically rewritten our understanding of human evolution, writes Darren Curnoe.


The discovery that starlings carrying a new mutation in their mitochondria, the energy powerhouses of cells, almost tripled their population within five years has important implications for mitochondrial diseases in humans.

edwards dodo

Humans are in the driver's seat of evolution – but where are we heading, asks Darren Curnoe.


Grandmothers are uniquely placed to invest time into helping feed and care for their grandchildren, writes Darren Curnoe.


DNA research has revealed some surprising aspects to our evolutionary history during the past 50,000 years, writes Darren Curnoe.

Evolution of the backside

Let's get to the bottom of the story. Just why did human backsides become the shape they are? And what purpose do they serve? Find out in the latest episode of our evolution series: How Did We Get Here?