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When you punt on today’s Melbourne Cup, spare a thought for Australian export businesses who have to make their big bets on international markets in the Asian region, writes Tim Harcourt.

Korea free trade

Analysis reveals the benefits of free trade deals don't flow as evenly as expected.

Free trade

Reducing tariffs and quotas is one thing, but modern trade pacts often include coercive investor provisions that fly in the face of the notion of fairness and the worker’s right for a fair go, writes Tim Harcourt.

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Australia has an export base that is spread far and wide across the globe but concentrated enough in the bigger markets for exporters to get a good bang for their buck, writes Tim Harcourt.

24 Harcourt economy crop

The DHL Export Barometer can give us a good indication of the long-term issues affecting the business community, and any global risks or opportunities on the horizon, writes Tim Harcourt.