UNSW program for gifted children

UNSW opens its doors to children across Australia as part of its GERRIC workshops to prevent gifted underachievers becoming lost in the school system.


More than 600 members of the gifted education community are gathering at UNSW for the 22nd biennial World Gifted Conference. 


Ahead of a global conference on gifted education, UNSW's Jae Jung says teachers are not being given the training they need to meet gifted students’ special needs.

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Best known for producing football stars, Sydney's Matraville Sports High School is challenging stereotypes with the help of UNSW's centre for gifted education. 

GERRIC workshop

Thousands more gifted students are now able to jump a class, thanks to a landmark book on accelerated learning.

Gifted kids

A national study has found that parents and teachers of gifted children support academic acceleration but have concerns about the emotional impact of fast-tracking learning.

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Some of our most gifted school students have experienced first hand the interaction between the human body and machine at a holiday workshop at UNSW.

Miraca Mensa inside

Miraca Gross has helped more than her fair share of Mensa members so it's appropriate that UNSW's Professor of Gifted Education is acknowledged by the organisation itself.

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Children as young as six will be following in the footsteps of John Singleton, Siimon Reynolds and Bryce Courtenay, dreaming up their own advertising campaigns as part of a program for gifted students.

Bishop inside

The Federal Minister for Education, Science and Training, Julie Bishop, has visited UNSW's special school vacation programs, run by the Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre (GERRIC).